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New phosphates from the oxidation zone of Kester deposit (Yakutia, Russia)

RMS-DPI code:  2017-1-300-0
Scientific session:  6. Mineral diversity and evolution of mineral formation processes.
Author listing:  Yakovenchuk V.N., Pakhomovsky Ya.A., Panikorovsky T., Bazai A.V., Konoplyova N.G., Mikhailova J.A., Ivanjuk G.Y., Krivovichev S.V.
Principal author:  Panikorovsky Taras Leonidovich
Language:  Russian
Abstract - Summary 
(short description):
In this work we report mineralogy and crystal chemistry of three new phosphates (episfanovite, batagayite and Zn-Mg analog of hopeite) from oxydation zone of Kester deposit (Yakutia, Russia).
Date of presentation:  11/10/2017
Presentation Place:  Mining University, Conference Hall
RMS-DPI code:  2017-1-300-0
Pages:  358-360
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Status:  printed
Recieved:  28/08/2017
Accepted:  17/09/2017
Published on-line:  07/12/2017
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Contact author(s):  Panikorovsky, Taras Leonidovich

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