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Year 1974 Part 103 Issue 5
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Article list
Jabin A. G.
Gravitational structures of aggregates in the pyrite deposites
pages 513-523
Valui G. A.
Evolution of composition and structure state of feldspars in process of crystallization of small depth granitoids
pages 524-534
Zyryanov V. N.
Determination of compositions of alkaline feldspars by 201 reflection
pages 535-543
Menaker G. I.
Matematical model of the evalution of ore formation
pages 544-550
New minerals
Kapustin U. L., Pudovkina Z. V., Bykova A. V.
Zirsinalite-a new mineral
pages 551-558
Kapustin U. L., Pudovkina Z. V., Bykova A. V., Lubomilova G. V.
Koashvite-a new mineral
pages 559-566
Kapustin U. L., Khomyakov A. P., Semenov E. I., Eskova E. M., Bykova A. V., Pudovkina Z. V.
Fosinaite-a new rareearth mineral
pages 567-570
Eskova E. M., Semenov E. I., Khomyakov A. P., Kazakova M. E., Sidorenko O. V.
Laplandite-a new mineral
pages 571-575
Alekseeva M. A., Chernikov A. A., Shashkin D. P., Konkova E. A., Gavrilova I. N.
Strelkinite-a new uranilvanadate
pages 576-580
Rasin L. V., Dubakina L. S.
New findings of arsenoantimonides and arsenostannides of palladium in the platinum deposites in the USSR
pages 581-594
Kovalenker V. A., Genkin A. D., Evstigneeva T. L., Laputina I. P.
Telargpalite-a new mineral of palladium, silver and tellurium from the copper-nickel ores of October deposite
pages 595-600
Karpenkov A. M., Mitenkov G. A., Rudashevsky N. S., Sokolova N. G., Shishkin N. N.
The variety of chalcopyrite containing great amount of iron
pages 601-605
Scvortsova K. V., Sidorenko G. A., Moroz I. Kh., Rybakova L. I., Jiltsova I. G.
The first finding of metanovachekite in the USSR
pages 606-611
Bonshtedt-Kupletskaya E. M.
New minerals. XXIX
pages 612-629
History of science
Grigoriev D. P., Shafranovsky I. I.
To the history of the crystallography in Leningrad University
pages 630-631
Short communications
Smetannikova O. G., Petrov T. G., Gordienko V. V., Knizel A. A.
About correlation between structure state of plagioclases and information characteristics of chemical composition of muscovites in the mica containing pegmatites
pages 632-635
Matrosov I. I., Pogorelov U. L., Chistyakov V. K., Shchepetkin U. V.
Thermal stability of the thermoluminescence
pages 636-639
Treivus E. B.
The alteration of growth velocity of crystal face by its deviation from vertical in a regime of free convection
pages 639-641
Lisitsin A. E., Urkina K. V.
About finding of gahnite in the leucocratic granites
pages 641-643
Discussions. Criticism. Bibliography
Grusa V. V., Abramovich I. I., Jdanov V. V., Jukov R. A., Cherepanov V. A.
About application of thermodynamics and the theory of information in geochemistry and mineralogy
pages 644-648
Berg L. G., Rode T. V.
To the question of alpha-kurnakite effect (the letter to the editorship)
pages 648-649
Mozgova N. N., Matias V. V., Novgorodova M. I.
About the jubilee session of Moscow departmeht of the All-Union Mineralogical Society
pages 650-651

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