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Zapiski RMO (Proceedings of the Russian Mineralogical Society)
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Year 1974 Part 103 Issue 4
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Article list
Shinkarev N. F.
About the problem of granite origin
pages 401-411
Serebryakov V. A., Shnai. G. K.
Feldspares of some Late Mesozoic granitoides of the North-East of USSR
pages 412-426
Vistelius A. B., Gordilio K., Demina M. E.
About the sanidine from the cordillera de Los Kondores, Argentina (about comparison of objects by many equal in rights quantitative features simultaneously)
pages 427-435
Korago A. A.
About peculiarities of distribution of quartz crystals of different size in crystal nests in the North Ural
pages 436-442
Tarashchan A. N., Galii S. A., Platonov A. N.
About the relation of luminescence properties and the genetic peculiarities of sphalerites from deposits of the Ukraina
pages 443-458
Dunin-Barkovskaya E. A., Tronenok N. V., Lebedeva S. I., Belyaeva I. D., Vyalsov L. N.
The intergrowth of kobellite and cosalite in quartz veins of Ustarasai deposit (Uzb. SSR)
pages 459-469
Brodin B. V., Sidorenko G. A.
Radiogenic pseudomorphs after coffinite
pages 470-475
Short communications
Kvyatkovsky E. M.
To the question of the behaviour of trace elements in hibrid igneous rocks
pages 476-478
Lipova I. M., Rudnitskaya. E. S.
On the role of water in metamict zircons
pages 479-480
Kashkai M. A., Babaev I. A., Makhmudov S. A., Kashkai Ch. M.
About jarosite containing strontium
pages 481-483
Srebrodolsky B. I.
About secondary variations of minerals in sulfure ores in desert conditions
pages 484-487
Sokolova N. G.
Cross-shaped twins of calcite
pages 487-490
Ramenskaya M. E.
The structure-geometrical analysis of growth faces of the iceland spar
pages 490-494
Investigation techiques for minerals, rocks and ores
Meisner L. B., Kuzmin. V. I.
Nonlinear optical properties of minerals and their application in mineralogy
pages 495-500
Discussions. Criticism. Bibliography
Belov N. V., Shafranovsky I. I., FrankKamenetsky V. A.
On the book of A. V. Shubnikov and V. A. Koptsik «Symmetry in science and in art»
pages 501-503
Lazko E. M., Koltun L. I., Lyakhov Yu. V., Myaz N. I., Piznyur A. V.
About the book of N. P. Ermakova «Geochemical systems of inclusions in minerals»
pages 503-506
Volotovskaya N. A.
The monograph of A. A. Kukharenko, A. G. Bulakh, G. A. Ilinsky, N. F. Shinkarev and M. P. Orlova «Metallogenic particularities of alkaline formations of Eastern Part of the Baltic shield»
pages 507-508
Eliseeva O. P., Omelyanenko B. I., Smorchkov I. E.
About the article of I. B. Savinova and E. M. Pinsky «Forms of occurence of uranium in granitoids of the different age in the North Kazakhstan»
pages 508-509
Dolivo-Dobrovolsky V. V.
The sitting of the All-Union Mineralogical Society dedicated to the 250-th Anniversary of the Academy of Sciences of USSR
pages 510
Bulakh A. G., Buchinskaya N. I.
The sitting of Komission of new minerals and mineralogical terminology of the Ail-Union Mineralogical Society AS USSR
pages 510
The information of metasomatism Section of ore formation Soviet AS USSR
pages 511
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