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2nd International Conference "Crystallogenesis and Mineralogy"
Hydrogen in diamond: surface, lattice, inclusions

RMS-DPI code:  2007-1-74-0
Scientific session:  Session 3. Synthesis of crystalline materials and experimental mineralogy
Author listing:  Shiryaev A.A.
Principal author:  Shiryaev Andrey Albertovich
Language:  Russian
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Hydrogen is important, but still rather poorly understood impurity in diamonds. Its concentration in natural diamonds could be as high as 7000 at.ppm (0.7 at%) [1]. In this talk we review behavior and speciation of hydrogen in diamonds. Besides survey of literature data we present results of investigation of hydrogen behavior in monocrystalline diamonds with different concentrations and types of nitrogen defects using Nuclear Reaction and micro-Elastic Recoil Detection Analyses, Nuclear Magnetic Resonance, Thermal Desorption and Infra-Red Spectroscopy. Two main lines of investigation were pursued: a) studies of natural samples with H as a lattice impurity and in microscopic inclusions, and b) experimental studies of interaction of diamond with hydrogen under variable PT conditions in order to understand H speciation, interaction with point and extended defects and to estimate hydrogen diffusivity.
RMS-DPI code:  2007-1-74-0
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Crystallogenesis and Mineralogy
Pages:  143-145
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Accepted:  20/05/2007
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Contact author(s):  Shiryaev, Andrey Albertovich

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