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XIII All-Russian conference on thermobarogeochemistry in conjunction with IV APIFIS symposium
Dynamic P-T-X evolution of saline fluids in ore-forming magmatic-hydrothermal systems

RMS-DPI code:  2008-1-141-1
Scientific session:  Plenary lectures
Author listing:  Heinrich C.A.
Principal author:  Heinrich Christoph A.
Language:  English
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Hydrothermal ore formation depends on a critical interplay between physical processes of fluid flow and associated heat transfer, and chemical mass-transfer by fluid-mineral reactions that commonly include more than one fluid phase. Our research group at ETH is trying to improve our quantitative understanding of the overall processes of ore formation, by combining numerical modelling with geologically constrained micro-analytical data from fluid inclusions. This ‘work in progress’ points to the general conclusion that properties of geologic materials (fluids, rocks, minerals) are the first-order controls determining the dynamics and the efficiency of ore formation, and that these general facors must be understood before we can attempt to incorporate geological details into predictive exploration models.
Plenary presentation:  yes
Date of presentation:  21/09/2008
Time of presentation:  12-20
Presentation Place:  IGEM RAS, Conference Hall
RMS-DPI code:  2008-1-141-1
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Proceedings of XIII International conference on thermobarogeochemistry and IVth APIFIS symposium. Volume 1.
Pages:  23-25
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Accepted:  27/06/2008
Published on-line:  13/02/2009
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