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Recycling of technogenic mineral waste as a modern way of natural resources management

RMS-DPI code:  2017-1-107-0
Scientific session:  3. Applied mineralogy in exploration and technology.
Author listing:  Mustafin S.K.
Principal author:  Mustafin Sabir Kabirovich
Language:  Russian
Abstract - Summary 
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Annotation: Recycling of technogenic mineral raw materials as a modern instrument of rational subsoil use is considered. Actual problems of recycling of man-made mineral raw materials from the viewpoint of ensuring rational use of natural resources and environmental protection are analyzed. It is noted that for the old mining region of the South Ural, the problem of recycling subsoil waste is closely linked to reclamation of disturbed lands. The commercial attractiveness of recycling of man-made mineral raw materials is determined by growing world prices as basic metals - copper, zinc, gold, silver; and accompanying useful components of ores.
Keywords: Recycling, old mining region, rational use of natural resources, environmental protection, commercial attractiveness.
RMS-DPI code:  2017-1-107-0
Pages:  118-120
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Accepted:  16/09/2017
Published on-line:  07/12/2017
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Contact author(s):  Mustafin, Sabir Kabirovich

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