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XIII All-Russian conference on thermobarogeochemistry in conjunction with IV APIFIS symposium
Fluid inclusions in garnet from the Kokchetav UHP metamorphic rocks

RMS-DPI code:  2008-1-51-0
Scientific session:  Fluids in metamorphic rocks
Author listing:  Korsakov A.V., Golovin A.V.
Principal author:  Korsakov Andrey Victorovich
Language:  Russian
Abstract - Summary 
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Fluid/ melt inclusions in garnet from ultra-highpressure garnet-clinopyroxene metamorphic rocks from the Kokchetav massif (Northern Kazakhstan) were investigated. Based on results of our study it is proposed that entrapment of primary fluid inclusions occur under peak metamorphic conditions, while secondary inclusions were captured during retrograde stage. The primary inclusions consist of gas + liquid + daughter/xenogenic minerals (e.g. calcite). Secondary inclusions consist of gas + liquid. Results of IR and Raman spectroscopy reveal that primary and secondary inclusions are predominantly H2O-rich. All our observations indicate that crystallization of garnet occurred in the presence of H2O-rich fluid.
Date of presentation:  23/09/2008
Presentation Place:  IGEM RAS, Conference Hall
RMS-DPI code:  2008-1-51-0
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Proceedings of XIII International conference on thermobarogeochemistry and IVth APIFIS symposium. Volume 1.
Pages:  201-203
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Recieved:  14/03/2008
Accepted:  27/06/2008
Published on-line:  13/02/2009
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Contact author(s):  Korsakov, Andrey VictorovichGolovin, Alexander Victorovich

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