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ISBN:  981-021200-3
Автор(ы):  Ikeya M.
Название:  New applications of electron spin resonance: Dating, dosimetry and microscopy
Город(а):  Singapore e.a.
Издательство:  World Scientific
Год:  1993
Страницы:  XX, 500
Язык(и): английский

This is the first book covering an interdisciplinary field between microwave spectroscopy of electron paramagnetic resonance (EPR) or electron spin resonance (ESR) and chronology science, radiation dosimetry and ESR (EPR) imaging in material sciences. The main object is to determine the elapsed time with ESR from forensic medicine to the age and radiation dose in earth and space science. This book is written primarily for earth scientists as well as for archaeologists and for physicists and chemists interested in new applications of the method. This book can serve as an undergraduate and graduate school textbook on applications of ESR to geological and archaeological dating, radiation dosimetry and microscopic magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). Introduction to ESR and chronology science and principle of ESR dating and dosimetry are described with applications to actual problems according to materials.

Readership: Students, researchers in physics, chemistry, geochronology, geology, archaeology, magnetic resonance, radiation dosimetry, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) as well as for engineers in material sciences.

"… there is a lack of books describing non-traditional applications of the electron paramagnetic resonance such as dating, radiation dosimetry and electron paramagnetic resonance imaging. This book is directed to those who are interested in these possibilities of EPR … this book will stimulate further expansion of EPR to new ways of its application, stimulate collaborative interdisciplinary work."
Applied Magnetic Resonance


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