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Title:  Fedorov Session 2006. Volume of abstracts of the International Scientific Conference. Saint-Petersburg, Russia.
Extended:  International scientific conference "Fedorov Session 2006". Saint-Petersburg, Russia. 29-30.05.2006. Volume of abstracts.
City(es):  Saint-Petersburg
Year:  2006
Pages:  217
Editor(s):  Yu.B.Marin, M.V.Morozov
Language(s): English

Volume contains abstracts of the international scientific conference «Fedorov Session-2006». The aim of the Fedorov Session-2006 is to discuss recent progress and future trends in crystallography, mineralogy and petrography within the frame of directions established in the works of Prof. Evgraf Fedorov (1853-1919).
Scientific sessions: Morphology of crystals and mineral aggregates; Crystal genesis in natural and synthetic environments; Interrelations between mineral structure and the mineralforming environment and spectroscopy of minerals; Open session «Mineralogy in the full space of this word»; History of mineralogy, crystallography and petrology (dedicated to the 60 years from the day of tragic death of Prof. Anatoly Boldyrev (1883-1946)).

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