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ISBN:  5-900395-40-5
Title:  Mineral Observer. Mineral News from Russia and Beyond
Extended:  Mineralogical Almanac, volume 18, issue 1, 2013
City(es):  Moscow
Publishing:  Mineral-Almanac Ltd.
Year:  2013
Pages:  96
Figures:  173
Language(s): English

The main article in this issue is devoted to the Dashkesan ore deposit situated in the Republic of Azerbaijan, This locality was very popular among collectors and professional mineralogists between 1960 and 1990. In additional to a general description of the geological setting and minerals of the deposit compiled by Michael B. Leybov we also publish two short articles by collectors Boris Z. Kantor and Alexey F. Glushkov, who visited Dashkesan more than once and collected many good specimens there. The Gold Treasure of the Diamond Fund is described in the article by Vasiliy N. Orlov and Irina B. Taishcheva, who investigated the history of unique gold nuggets found in the Urals during the 20th century and made a thorough morphological description. As usual we also publish mineral show reports, news and current temporary exhibitions.

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