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Branches: Kola
ISBN:  978-5-902643-05-0
Title:  Sustainable development and international cooperation. Materials of the Scientific Session dedicated to the Geologistís Day.
Extended:  Geological Institute KSC RAS, Kola Branch of Russian Mineralogical Society, April 5, 2010
City(es):  Apatity
Publishing:  K&M
Year:  2010
Pages:  85
Editor(s):  Yu.L. Voytekhovsky
Language(s): English

The Volume contains materials of the Geologistís Day traditional scientific session carried out by the Geological Institute KSC RAS and Kola Branch of the Russian Mineralogical Society. The focus of the current year is the international cooperation in the framework of scientific and geotourism projects. Studying ancient rocks of the Earth, rare metal mineralization of alkaline granites and interpreting the superdeep drilling results jointly with the Geological Survey of Finland, Chinese Academy of Geological Sciences, Central Laboratory for Mineralogy and Crystallography of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, universities of Delhi, Tromsö, Oulu and Helsinki are of peculiar interest. The geotourism is a novel streamline of cooperation, which is now being widely promoted in the cross-border area of Russia and Finland. The publication is intended for broad sections of geologists.

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