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Branches: Kola
ISBN:  978-5-91137-125-8
Title:  Materials of the Scientific Session dedicated to the Day of Russian Science. Geological Institute KSC RAS, Kola Branch of Russian Mineralogical Society, February 8, 2010.
City(es):  Apatity
Publishing:  &
Year:  2010
Pages:  122
Editor(s):  Yu.L. Voytekhovsky
Language(s): Russian

The Volume contains the materials on geological history of the Kola Peninsula from the Precambrian to the New Times, evolution of layered intrusives according to isotope-geochemical and geochronological data, perspectivity of the Barents Sea basin for oil and gas, gold mineralogy in volcanogenic complexes of the Kola Peninsula and Northern Karelia, theoretical issues of mineralogy. The Volume presents materials of the Conference dedicated to the Day of Russian Science of February 8, 2010. Intended for broad sections of geologists.

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