Russian Mineralogical Society
RMS Annual Session "Modern methods of mineralogical-geochemical researches as a base to reveal the new types of ores and technologies of their complex development"
Mining University, Conference Hall
Oral presentations
11:00 Rundqvist D.V.
New types of mineral deposits and new technologies of mining production - the decision of problems to meet demand for minerals in the XXI century
Speaker: Rundqvist, Dmitry V.
12:20 Dodin D.A., Izoitko V.M., Govorova L.K., Kovalenko L.N.
Mineralogy of superlarge technogene deposits of platinum group metals (PGM)
Speaker: Dodin, David A.
12:40 Piskunov Yu.G., Moiseenko V.G.
New types of ores with a high content of micro and nanoparticles of precious metals
Speaker: Piskunov Yuri Grigorievich
13:00 Tatarinov A.V., Mironov A.G., Yalovik L.I.
New types of multicomponent ores with Pt-Pd-Ru associations in ore deposits of Transbaikalia
Speaker: Tatarinov A.V.
13:30 Turesebekov A.Kh., Nizamova A.T.
Mineralogy of some man-made deposits (slags and cakes of zinc and copper productions)
Speaker: Nizamova A.T.
Mining University, Hall 1160
Oral presentations
15:20 Rodkin M.V.
Variant of common conditions in origin of the supergreat deposits – a synergetic approach
Speaker: Rodkin Mikhail Vladimirovich
15:40 Yurgenson G.A.
Peculiarities of mineral composition of ores of the small-depth gold-fluorite-quartz formation
Speaker: Yurgenson G.A.
16:00 Plotinskaya O.Yu., Novoselov K.A., Kovalenker V.A., Seltmann R.
Variations of mineral forms of Au and Ag in Bereznyakovskoe deposit (the South Urals)
Speaker: Plotinskaya O.Yu.
16:15 Mirusmanov M.A.
Unconventional type of gold mineralization in cretaceous depositions of Southern Uzbekistan
Speaker: Mirusmanov Mirvasid Agzamovich
17:00 Tchaikovskiy I.I.
Ore minerals of cupper sandstones in Perm region, the Kama river basin
Speaker: Chaikovskiy I.I.
17:20 Bogush I.A.
The new type of massive sulfide mineralization at the North Caucasus
Speaker: Bogush Ilya, A.
17:40 Ayupova N.R.
Sulfide minerals in the ore-bearing layers of quartz-hematite rocks at the massive sulfide ore deposits of the South Urals
Speaker: Ayupova Nuriya Raditovna
Mining University, Hall 1160
Oral presentations
10:00 Polenov Yu.A., Ogorodnikov V.N., Sazonov V.N.
The Urals mineral-technological types of the peculiarly clean quartz
Speaker: Polenov Yu.A.
11:00 Mineeva R.M., Titkov S.V., Solodova Y.P., Speransky A.V., Bershov L.V., Sedova E.A., Samosorov G.G., Ermakova E.S.
Deformation paramagnetic centers in diamonds from Mirninskoye kimberlite field (Yakutia)
Speaker: Mineeva R.M.
11:20 Smirnova N.L.
Crowns of vertices and faces of tetragonal crystals
Speaker: Smirnova, Nina Lvovna
12:00 Bakhtin A.I., Lopatin O.N., Nikolaev A.G., Sabirov A.M.
Crystal-chemical properties of chromospinelides by the data of optical spectroscopy
Speaker: Bakhtin A.I.
12:30 Talovina I.V., Lazarenkov V.G., Ugolkov V.L.
Modern experimental techniques to study «garnierite» as a key sign for encreasing reserves of nickel in the Uralian lateritic province
Speaker: Talovina Irina V.
13:00 Kameneva E.E., Lebedeva G.A., Frolov P.V.
Investigation of composition and processing properties of karelian serpentinites
Speaker: Kameneva E.E.
13:30 Bubnova T.P., Garanja A.V.
Technological mineralogy of the garnet-bearing schists in the mineral occurrence “Vysota-181”
Speaker: Bubnova Tatiana P.
15:00 Makarova Yu.V., Marchenko A.G., Sokolov S.V.
Perspectives to discover some new types of ores mineralization in the Malyi Hingan region on the base of mapping and interpretation of abnormal geochemical fields
Speaker: Makarova Yuliya Viktorovna
15:20 Grigorieva A.V., Dubrovskaya I.V.
Mineralization of precious metals in gold-bearing complex ores of Vasilyevsky deposit (Eniseysky ridge)
Speaker: Grigorieva A.V.
15:40 Ankusheva N.N., Zaykov V.V.
Forming conditions of the gold-bearing hydrothermal system “Lis’y gory”, the South Urals (according to study of fluid inclusion)
Speaker: Ankusheva Natalya Nikolaevna
16:00 Savichev A.A., Lokhov K.I.
U-Pb and Sm-Nd dating of minerals from Olympiada gold-sulfide deposit (Enisei ridge, Siberia)
Speaker: Savichev Andrey Alexandrovich
16;30 Turesebekov A.Kh., Vasilevsky B.B., Khantemirov R.M., Nizamova A.T.
New unconventional types of useful minerals in supergreat ore deposits: copper-porphyry Kalmakir and gold field Muruntau
Speaker: Nizamova A.T.
Mining University, Hall 1164
Poster presentations
 Bobkov A.I.
General classification of chemical compounds in connection with analysis of the new type ores and their forecasting
Speaker: Bobkov A.I.
 Bobkov A.I.
Regularities in varation of some physical parameters to apply for revealing the new types of ores
Speaker: Bobkov A.I.
 Vikentyeva O.V.
Disribution of REE in scheelites of gold ore deposits
Speaker: Vikentyeva Olga
 Eliseeva V.A., Golovina T.A.
Mineralogical-geochemical peculiarities of Taloveis gold field (Kostomuksha, Karelia)
Speaker: Golovina Tamara A.
 Yeriomin O.V., Vinnichenko S.V., Yurgenson G.A.
Evaluation of Gibbs’ standard potentials for copper sulfates by means of tasks of the linear programming
Speaker: Yeriomin O.V.
 Koloskova S.M.
Mineralogical-geochemical peculiarities of unusual Sb-Ag-Au mineralization in Davon deposit (Central-Kyzylkum gold-ore province, Uzbekistan)
Speaker: Koloskova S.M.
 Korytov F.Y., Vikentyev I.V., Magazina L.O.
Metals in the amber
Speaker: Korytov F.Y.
 Krasnov A.N., Prokofiev V.Yu., Zorina L.D., Yurgenson G.A., Kovalenker V.A.
Peculiarities of Au and Ag mineral forms in ores of Talatuy gold deposit (Eastern Transbaykalia, Russia)
Speaker: Krasnov A.N.
 Kukuy A.L., Matveeva O.P.
Physical-chemical peculiarities of the iceland spar crystals from its deposits of different scales
Speaker: Kukuy Anatoly
 Kulkov A.M.
Retgersite as a material for UV-filters
Speaker: Kulkov Alexander M.
 Kuptsova A.V., Petrov S.V.
New data on rare metal mineralization in carbonatites of Kerimasi volcano (East African rift, Northern Tanzania)
Speaker: Petrov Sergei Viktorovich
 Melekestseva I.Yu.
Ni-Co minerals at flanks at the Ivanovskoye and Dergamyshskoye cobalt-bearing massive sulfide ore deposits associated with ultramafites (the South Urals)
Speaker: Melekestseva Irina Yu.
 Nepomnyashikh A.I., Mikhailov M.A., Demina T.V., Rozental A.P., Bogdanova L.A., Shalaev A.A., Vasilyeva I.E., Shabanova E.V., Proidakova O.A., Sokolnikova Yu.V., Spiridonov A.M., Romanov V.S.
Evaluation of technological properties of the highly pure guartzite in some East Siberia deposites
Speaker: Mihailov Mihail Alexeevich
 Ryzhkova S.O., Talovina I.V., Lazarenkov V.G.
About nature of coloring of chrysoprase in Buruktalskoye and Sakharinskoye laterite nickel ore deposits
Speaker: Ryzhkova Svetlana Olegovna
 Savicheva O.A., Savichev A.A.
Geochemical features of Yanis gold occurrence (Southern Karelia)
Speaker: Savicheva Olga
 Khatkova A.
Technology of deep processing of zeolite minerals with application of up-to-date physico-chemical methods of investigation
Speaker: Khatkova Alisa Nikolaevna
Mining University, Hall 1160
Oral presentations
10:00 Shchiptsov V.V.
Technologic-mineralogical assessment of industrial minerals in Karelia
Speaker: Shchiptsov Vladimir Vladimirovich
10:20 Kochetkov O.S., Zemlyansky V.N., Kopeykin V.A.
Effectiveness of using the host rocks and technogene wastes while mining the Severo-Onezhsky (Northern–Onega) and Srednetimansky (Middle–Timan) bauxites for production of ceramic and composite materials
Speaker: Kochetkov Oleg Sergeevich
10:40 Skamnitskaya L.S., Shchiptsov V.V., Bubnova T.P.
Comparative characteristics of feldspar minerals from different sources in Karelia
Speaker: kamnitskaya Lubov S
11:20 Izotov V.G.
Technological mineralogy of the oil reservoir
Speaker: Izotov, Viktor G.
12:00 Pirogov B.I.
Fundamentals in evolution of natural and technological properties of minerals
Speaker: Pirogov B.I.
12:30 Kameneva E.E., Skamnitskaya L.S., Shchiptsov V.V.
Mineralogical-technological investigations to choose the scheme of processing for apatite-bearing ores of different genesis
Speaker: Kameneva, Elena E.
13:00 Povarennykh M.Y.
About frustumation (property of the primary fragmentation or lumpiness) of rocks and its correlation with crushing capacity and possibility of a lumpy processing
Speaker: Povarennykh Mikhail Yurievich
Without presentation
 Badalov S.T.
Technological mineralogy of metal ores
Speaker: Badalov Stepan Tigranovich
 Boitsov V.E., Pilipenko G.N., Dorojkina L.A.
The new unique type of gold-uranium (brannerite) ores in Elkon ore field (Central Aldan)
Speaker: Dorojkina L.A.
 Bukina T.F., Yanochkina Z.A., Ilyasov V.N.
Selective means to mine the oil shales of Volzhsky basin with aim to increase economic and ecological effectiveness of their use
Speaker: Bukina Tamara Filippovna
 Danilevskaya L.A.
Complex study of tipomorphic properties of quartz to forecast technological parameters and evaluate quality of the raw quartz material
Speaker: Danilevskaya Luodmila Alexandrovna
 Dzhangirov M.Y., Bogush I.A., Burtsev A.A.
Degree of dependence of thermoelectric properties of the massive sulfide ores processing products on the concentration of useful elements
Speaker: Dzhangirov Maxim Junusovich
 Dunun-Barkovskaya E.A., Popov E.L., Achmedov Kh., Umarov A.Z., Muchamedjanova D.V.
Problems of development and mining of the man-made gold deposits: technological, ecological and methodical approaches (by example of Angren gold-extraction plant, Uzbekistan)
Speaker: Dunun-Barkovskaya E.A.
 Koneev R.I., Khalmatov R.A., Gil V.
Nanomineralogical techniques of prospecting, typification and appraisal of the latent gold mineralization (by example of Kuraminskaya volcanogenic area, Uzbekistan)
Speaker: Koneev Rustam Ismailovich
 Manankov A.V., Podshivalov I.I.
Petro-geochemical classification of technogene deposits and its applience to estimate complex processing of the secondary useful minerals
Speaker: Manankov, Anatoli Vasilievich
 Manankov A.V., Salnikov V.N., Potulizina E.S.
Definition of the optimum temperatures in technologies to process glasses and pyroceramics from industrial wastes
Speaker: Manankov, Anatoli Vasilievich
 Savva N.Y.
Unconventional type of gold minerlization in the Early Cretaceous conglomerates (Amur region)
Speaker: Savva, Natalya Ye
 Savichev A.A.
Application of poly-element geochemical mapping to reveal the lateral zoning of Olympiada gold deposit (Enissey ridge, Siberia)
Speaker: Savichev Andrey Alexandrovich
 Salnikov V.N., Manankov A.V.
Electrophysical methods to study minerals and composite materials
Speaker: Salnikov, Vladimir N.
 Skublov S.G., Pushkarev Ju.D.
Sm-Nd systematics of metamorphic garnets
Speaker: Skublov S.G.
 Chernyshov N.M., Petrov S.V.
Forms of occurrence of gold and platinum group metals in the KMA banded iron formation and the technogenic products
Speaker:  Chernyshov Nikolai Mikhailovich
 Chernyshov N.M., Popkova N.V., Petrov S.V.
Banded iron formation of KMA region and the technogenic products as a new large source of precious metals in Russia
Speaker: Chernyshov Nikolai Mikhailovich
 Chernyshova M.N.
New types of sulfide PGM-copper-nickel and nickel-cobalt ores in dyke-vein complexes of VCM (Voronezh crystalline massif)
Speaker: Chernyshova M.N.
 Yusupov T.S., Zhmodik S.M., Anoshin G.N., Kirillova E.A., Bondarenko V.P., Kolmogorov Yu.P., Spiridonov A.M., Nemerov V.K.
Mechanic-activated homogenization of geological samples to improve the accuracy of analysis by nuclear-physical methods
Speaker: Yusupov, Talgat Sungatullovich

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