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Institute of Geology of the Komi Science Center, Urals Branch of RAS
Name Abbreviation:  IG KSC RAS
Profile: science
City: Syktyvkar
Country: Russia
Web: http://geo.komisc.ru/

A.A.Chernov Geological Museum
Group for Prospective Geological an Mineralogical Problems
Institute of Geology Komi SC UB RAS
Laboratory of Diamond Mineralogy
Laboratory of experimental mineralogy
Laboratory of Geology oil and gas basin
Laboratory of Lythology and Geochemistry of Sedimentary Formations
Laboratory of Mineral Raw Technology
Laboratory of Mineralory
Laboratory of oil basins geology
Laboratory of Petrography
Laboratory of Regional Geology
Laboratory of Structural and Morphological Crystallography
laboratory of the mineral resources
Laboratory of the regional mineralogy

List of users affiliated in organization
Amosova, Olga Ye., RMS Full Member
Arteeva, Tatyana Akimovna
Askhabov, Askhab M., RMS Full Member
Astachova, Irina Sergeevna, RMS Full Member
Burtsev, Igor Nikolaevich, RMS Full Member
Denisova, Yulia V., RMS Full Member
Filippov, Vasily N., RMS Full Member
Glukhov, Yuriy Valentinovich, RMS Full Member
Gollubev, Yevgeniy A., RMS Full Member
Golubeva, Irina I., RMS Full Member
Grakova, Oksana Vasilyevna, RMS Full Member
Ignat'ev, Grigoriy
Ignat'ev, Victor D.
Isaenko, Sergey Ivanovitch, RMS Full Member
Kalinin, Evgeniy P., RMS Full Member
Kamashev, Dmitry V., RMS Full Member
Katkova, Valentina Ivanovna, RMS Full Member
Khazov, Anton, RMS Full Member
Koksharova, Julia Aleksandrovna
Kotova, Olga B., RMS Full Member
Kovalchuk, Natalya Sergeevna, RMS Full Member
Kozyreva, Irina Vladimirovna, RMS Full Member
Kryazhev, Aleksey A., RMS Full Member
Kulikova, Ksenia Viktorovna
Kushmanova, Evgenia Valer`evna
Kuznetsov, Sergey K., RMS Full Member
Lutoev, Vladimir Pavlovich, RMS Full Member
Lysiuk, Andrey Yu., RMS Full Member
Maiorova, Tatiana Petrovna, RMS Full Member
Makeev, Boris Alexandrovich, RMS Full Member
Mashina, Ekaterina V., RMS Full Member
Mityusheva, Tatiana Pavlovna, RMS Full Member
Nikulova, Natalia Jurievna, RMS Full Member
Perovskiy, Igor
Petrovsky, Vitaly A., RMS Full Member
Piskunova, Natalia Nikolaevna, RMS Full Member
Ponaryadov, Alexey Viktorovich, RMS Full Member
Potapov, Igor Leonidovich, RMS Full Member
Pystin, Alexander Mihailovich, RMS Full Member
Pystina, Yulia I., RMS Full Member
Rakin, Vladimir I., RMS Full Member
Ryabinkin, Sergey V., RMS Full Member
Sandula, Andrey N.
Sevchuk, Sergey Sergeevich
Shanina, Svetlana Nikolayevna, RMS Full Member
Shaybekov, Renat Irekovich, RMS Full Member
Shumilov, Igor Kh., RMS Full Member
Shumilova, Tatyana Grygoryevna, RMS Full Member
Shushkov, Dmitry A., RMS Full Member
Shvetstova, Irina V., RMS Full Member
Silaev, Valery I., RMS Full Member
Simakova, Yulia S., RMS Full Member
Soboleva, Anna Alekseyevna
Sokerin, Mikhail Yu., RMS Full Member
Sokerina, Natalya V., RMS Full Member
Sukharev, Alexander E., RMS Full Member
Teterina, Tatyana Igorevna
Timonina, Natalia Nikolaevna, RMS Full Member
Tkachev, Yuri A., RMS Full Member
Tropnikov, Evgeny Mihailovich, RMS Full Member
Udoratina, Oksana Vladimirovna
Ulasheva, Natalia Sergeevna
Ulyashev, Vasily Veniaminovich, RMS Full Member
Vakhrushev, Alexandr Vadimovich
Yakimova, Tatiana Vladimirovna
Yudovich, Yakov Elievich, RMS Full Member
Yukhtanov, Petr, RMS Full Member
Zaboyev, Alexei S.

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