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Institute of Geology, Karelian Reserch Centre of RAS
Name Abbreviation:  IG Kar RC RAS
Profile: science
City: Petrozavodsk
Country: Russia
Web: http://geoserv.karelia.ru/rus/index.html

Group "Regional Petrography Council on the Russian North-West"
Laboratory for Complex Study of Kostomuksha Ore District
Laboratory of Genesis of Shungite Deposits
Laboratory of geology, technology and economy of mineral ores
Laboratory of geophysics
Laboratory of magmatizm, paleovolcanology & metallogeny
Laboratory of mineral and stone processing
Laboratory of Petrology and Tectonics
Laboratory of regional geology and geodynamic
Laboratory of Shungites
Laboratory of the physical-chemical study of nanocarbon materials
Museum of Precambrian Geology

List of users affiliated in organization
Belashev, Boris, RMS Full Member
Biske, Natalia Sergeevna, RMS Full Member
Bubnova, Tatiana P., RMS Full Member
Chazhengina, Svetlana Y., RMS Full Member
Danilevskaya, Ludmila Alexandrovna
Deines, Yuliya 0, RMS Full Member
Dmitrieva, Antonina, RMS Full Member
Filippov, Mikhail, RMS Full Member
Garanzha, Alexander
Golovanova, Larisa S.
Gorkovets, Valentin Ya., RMS Full Member
Ivascchenko, Vasily I., RMS Full Member
Kameneva, Elena Evgenyevna
Kevlich, Vladimir, RMS Full Member
Kondrashova, Natalya I., RMS Full Member
Kovalevski, Vladimir Victorovich, RMS Full Member
Kuleshevich, Lyudmila Vladimirovna, RMS Full Member
Kulikov, Vyacheslav S., RMS Full Member
Kulikova, Victoria Vladimirovna, RMS Full Member
Lavrov, Oleg Borisovich, RMS Full Member
Lebedeva, Galina A.
Maksimov, Oleg Aleksandrovich, RMS Full Member
Nazarova, Tatiana N., RMS Full Member
Nesterova, Natalya, RMS Full Member
Nikiforov, Aleksandr
Pervunina, Aelita Valerievna, RMS Full Member
Rozhkova, Natalia Nikolaevna., RMS Full Member
Rybakov, Dmitrii Sergeevich, RMS Full Member
Sadovnichiy, Roman, RMS Full Member
Shchiptsov, Vladimir Vladimirovich, RMS Full Member, RMS Honorary Member
Sibelev, Oleg Stanislavovich, RMS Full Member
Skamnitskaya, Lyubov, RMS Full Member
Slukovskii, Zakhar Ivanovich, RMS Full Member
Stepanov, Vladimir S., RMS Full Member
Stepanova, Alexandra V., RMS Full Member
Sukhanov, Alexander V
Svetova, Evgeniya Nikolaevna, RMS Full Member
Travin, Veniamin Veniaminovich
Volodichev, Oleg I., RMS Full Member
zavertkin, alexandr sergeevich
site administrator: adminminsoc.ru (Docent Morozov, Mikhail)
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