Russian Mineralogical Society
Pekov, Igor V.
Full Member of RMS
Gender:  male
Title:  Prof.
Country of residence: Russia
City, Province:  Moscow
Country (working): Russia
City, Province (working):  Moscow
Affiliation (Organization):  Moscow State University n.a. M.V. Lomonosov
Department:  Geological Faculty, Department of Mineralogy
Position: major research fellow
Type of membership:  full member
Year of Joining: 1993
Branch: Moscow
Scientific degree 
Doctor Degree (Geology and Mineralogy)
Academic Status (rus):  Corresponding member of RAS
Main Scientific Specialization: mineralogy, crystal chemistry
Scientific Interests: General and genetic mineralogy; crystal chemistry and geochemistry; alkaline rocks; history of mineralogy
Author: Pekov I.V.
200th Anniversary Meeting of the Russian Mineralogical Society
250 years of discoveries of minerals in Russia and Soviet Union in the mirror of the history of russian geology (RMS DPI 2017-1-338-0)
Cassiterite in fumarolic exhalations of the Tolbachik volcano (Kamchatka) (RMS DPI 2017-1-283-0)
A new arsenic-rich variety of embreyite (RMS DPI 2017-1-293-0)
Features of the crystal structures of kurchatovite and clinokurchatovite (RMS DPI 2017-1-59-0)
Thermal behavior of magnesium borates kaliborite, preobrazhenskite and trembathite (RMS DPI 2017-1-78-0)
RMS Annual Session combined with the Fedorov Session 2012
Features of typochemism and structural typomorphism of the ancylite group minerals (RMS DPI 2012-1-141-0)
Minerals As Advanced Materials II
Delhayelite and mountainite mineral families: Crystal chemical relationship, microporous character and genetic features (RMS DPI 2010-2-29-1)
Delhayelite: ion leaching and ion exchange (RMS DPI 2010-2-42-1)
K- and Rb-exchanged forms of hilairite: evolution of crystal-chemical characteristics with the increase of ion exchange temperature (RMS DPI 2010-2-5-1)
2nd International Conference "Crystallogenesis and Mineralogy"
Incorporation of large cations into chlorite structure (RMS DPI 2007-1-37-0)
Proceedings of the Moscow branch of the Russian Mineralogical Society
Unique iodide mineralization in the oxidation zone of the Rubtsovkoe deposit (the Northwest Altai, Russia) and problems of its genesis (RMS DPI E2-2011-3-0)
Fedorov Session 2006
Кристаллическая структура ленинградита PbCu3(VO4)2Cl2 (RMS DPI 2006-1-73-0)
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