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Year 2016 Part 145 Issue 6
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Article list
Proskurnin V. F., Saltanov V. A., Petrov O. V., Silaev V. I., Remizov D. N., Gavrish A. V.
Injective carbonate xenobreccias and anhydritites in carbonatites of the Pavlovsky massif, East Taimyr
pages 1-20
Sergeeva L. Yu., Skublov S. G., Gusev N. l., MeInik A. E.
Geochemistry of zircon in granulites of the Daldynskaya series, Anabar Shield
pages 21-44
New minerals
Smolyaninova V. N.
New minerals. LXX
pages 45-71
History of science
Bulakh A. G.
The 60th Anniversary of the Commission on New Minerals of the Russian Mineralogical Society, its first two chairmen and trends in increasing of the mineral number
pages 72-79
Minerals and mineral parageneses
Vakh A. S., Avchenko O. V., Goryachev N. A., Gvozdev V. I., Karabtsov A. A., Vakh E. A.
Minerals of the bournonite-seligmannite series in ores of the Berezitovoe deposit (Upper Amur region, Russia)
pages 80-89
Zhitova E. S., Popov M. P., Krivovichiev S. V., Zaitsev A. N., Vlasenko N. S.
Quintinite-1M from the Mariinskoe deposit (Ural Emerald Mines, Middle Urals, Russia)
pages 90-100
Sergeeva A. V.
To the question of variscite and metavariscite formation. Phase equilibria in the system Al2O3–H2O–P2O5
pages 101-113
Morozov M. V.
Report on the Russian Mineralogical Society activities in 2015
pages 114-126
Contents of the part
Contents of the 145th part (the year 2016) of «Zapiski RMO»
pages 127-128

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