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Zapiski RMO (Proceedings of the Russian Mineralogical Society)
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Year 2012 Part 141 Issue 2
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Article list
Charykova M. V., Krivovichev V. G., Yakovenko . , Semenova V. V., Semenov . M, Depmeier W.
Thermodynamics of arsenates, selenates and sulfates in oxidizing zones of sulfide ore deposits. VII. Solubility of synthetic analogues of erythrite and annabergite at 25 C
pages 1-9
New minerals
Khomyakov A. P., Nechelyustov G N., Rastsvetaeva R. K., Rozenberg K. A.
Davinciite, N1236F2+3Zr3(Si26O73OH)Cl2, a new K,Na-ordered mineral of the eudialyte group from the Khibiny alkaline massif, Kola Peninsula, Russia
pages 10-21
ZadovA. E., Pekov I. V., Zubkova N. V., Gazeev V. M., Chukanov N. V., Yapaskurt V. O., Kartashov P.M., Galuskin E. V., Galuskina I. O., Pertzev N. N, Gurbanov A. G., Pushcharovsky D. Yu.
Aklimaite, Ca4[Si2O5(OH2)](OH)4·52O, a new natural hydrosilicate from Lakargi area (the North Caucazus, Russia)
pages 21-31
Bulakh A. G., Krivovichev V. G., Krivovichev S. V.
Discoveries of new minerals in 20002010: statistics, signification, leading discoverers
pages 32-41
Minerals and mineral parageneses
Teplyakova S. N., Khisina N. R., Artemov V. V., Vasiliev A. L.
Nano-mineralogy of dendrite inclusions in the iron meteorite Elga
pages 42-52
Valizer P. M.
Light mica in the Maksutovsky eclogite-glaucophane schist complex (the South Urals)
pages 52-64
Palenova E. E., Belogub E. V., Kotlyarov V. A., Epanchintsev S. G.
Carbonates in oxidized ores of Shaimerden deposit (Kazakhstan)
pages 64-77
Cherkasova T. Yu., Mazurov A. K.
Ore minerals in mafite-ultramafic rocks of Burlaksky and Nizhnederbinsky massifs (the East Sayan)
pages 77-82
Investigation techiques for minerals, rocks and ores
Chubarov V. M., Finkelshtein A. L., Suvorova L. F., Kostrovitsky S. I.
Determination of the iron valence state in picroilmenites with use of X-ray electron microprobe and X-ray-fluorescence analysis
pages 83-91
Boroznovskaya N. N., Nebera T. S., Konovalenko S. I., Novoselov K. L.
Genetic and crystal-chemical information content of the X-ray luminescence of feldspars from granitoids of Kolyvan-Tomsky folded belt
pages 91-101
Demina T. V., Mikhailov M. A.
Thermal evolution of the Mg2BeAl2Si6O18 melt (according to data of the crystal optics study of its quenching products)
pages 101-115
Morozov M. V.
Concourses of investigation works of young scientists: the experience to carry them out
pages 115-116
Shapovalov Yu. ., Kovalskaya T. N, SpivakA. V.
II Russian school of young scientists Experimental mineralogy, petrology and geochemistry
pages 117-119
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