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Zapiski RMO (Proceedings of the Russian Mineralogical Society)
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Year 2012 Part 141 Issue 1
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Article list
Alekseyev V. I., Marin Yu. B.
Structural-chemical heterogeneity of natural crystals and the microgeochemical direction in ontogeny of minerals
pages 3-21
Charykova M. V., Krivovichev V. G., Yakovenko O. C., Semenova V. V., Semenov K. N., Depmeier W.
Thermodynmics of arsenates, selenites and sulfates in oxidizing zone of sulfide ores. VI. Solubility of synthetic analogs of alpheldite and cobaltomenite at 25 C
pages 22-32
Gulbin Yu. L.
Garnet-biotite geothermometer and estimation of crystallization temperatures of zoned garnets in metapelites. II. Influence of H2O on the estimation accuracy
pages 33-44
Votyakov S. L., Khiller V. V., Shchapova Yu. V.
Peculiarities of composition and chemical microprobe dating of U-Th-bearing minerals. Part 1. Monazites of some geological objects of the Urals and Siberia
pages 45-60
Lopatin O. N., Nikolaev A. G., Khaibullin R. I.
Crystal-chemical aspects of the ionic implantation of minerals and their synthetic analogs
pages 61-70
New minerals
Chukanov N. V., Rastsvetaeva R. K., Aksenov S. M., Pekov I. V., Britvin S. N., Belakovskiy D. I., Schuller W., Ternes B.
Gunterblassite, (,)3-xF[(Si,l)13O25(,O)4]·72O, a new mineral, the first phillosilicate with triple tetrahedral layer
pages 71-79
Minerals and mineral parageneses
Khisina N. R., Virt R.
Nanostructural peculiarities of (Au,Ag)-microspherules from geological ore samples
pages 80-87
Osovetsky . .
The new nano-gold
pages 88-101
Makeyev . ., Kriulina G. Yu.
Metal films on the surface and inside diamond crystals from Arkhangelsk and Yakutia diamondiferous provinces
pages 101-114
Skublov S. G, Zolotareva G. S.
Geochemistry of zircons from weathered granites of the Pavlovsky offset, Voronezh crystalline massif
pages 115-121
Korinevsky V. G.
Unusual pudding-like structure of garnet grains from gabbro of Ilmeny mountains in the Urals
pages 122-133
Morozov M. V.
Annual session of the Russian Mineralogical Society Scientific Council in 2011
pages 134-136

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