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Year 2011 Part 140 Issue 4
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Article list
Krivovichev V. G., Tarasevich D. A., Charykova M. V., Britvin S. N., Siydra O. Y., Depmaier W.
Thermodynamics of arsenates, selenites and sulphates in the sulfide ore oxidation zone. V. Chalcomenite and its synthetic analogue, properties and conditions of the forming
pages 1-9
Guseva N. S., Skublov S. G.
Geochemistry of rock-forming and accessory minerals from the Panozero sanukitoid complex
pages 9-27
Volostnykh G. T., Mikhailova I. S.
Prognosis properties of argillized rocks
pages 27-38
Samusikov V. P.
Gold nuggets-conditions of their forming by example of the Yano-Kolymsky ore belt deposits
pages 38-56
Minerals and mineral parageneses
Kuznetsov S. K., Mayorova T. P., Sokerina N. V., Filippov V. N.
Gold-ore mineralization of the Verkhneniyayus deposit, the Polar Urals
pages 56-70
Moiseenko N. V.
Minerals-concentrators of the native gold in ores of Pokrovsky deposit
pages 70-78
Grigorenko E. S., Soloviev A. V.
Morphology and the fission-track ages of detrital zircon from conglomerates of the Barabskaya suite (Kamchatka)
pages 78-92
Gordienko V. V., Ponomareva V. I., Kretzer Yu. L.
About staurilite and associated minerals in the rare metal granite pegmatites
pages 92-106
Nikandrov S. N., Nikandrov A. S., Nikandrova N. K.
Amphibole of the nyboite series
pages 106-117
Savelieva V. B. Bazarova E. P.
Fluorophlogopite from albitized granites of Primorsky complex (West Baikal Region)
pages 117-126
Rules for authors
pages 127-129

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