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Zapiski RMO (Proceedings of the Russian Mineralogical Society)
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Year 2011 Part 140 Issue 1
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Article list
Yushkin N. P., Katkova V. I., Lyiurov S. V.
Mineralization of fossilized ammonites
pages 3-11
Glebovitsky V. A., Sedova I. S., Petrov T. G., Samorukova L. M.
Geochemistry of ultrametamorphic granitoids of amphibolite facies (Nimnyrsky block of Aldan shield)
pages 12-35
Kaulina T. V., Sinai M. Yu., Savchenko E. Ye.
Metasomatic replacements and isotopic interrelations in zircon crystals and crystal-genetic models
pages 36-48
New minerals
Ananyev S. A., Konovalenko S. I., Rastsvetaeva R. K., Aksenov S. M., Chukanov N. V., Sapozhnikov A. N., Zagorsky V. E., Viryus A.A.
Tashelgite CaMgFe2+Al9O16(OH)-a new mineral species from calcereous skarnoids of Gornaya Shoria
pages 49-57
Zadov A. E., Gazeev V. M., Karimova O. V., Pertsev K. N., Pekov I. V., Galuskin E. V., Galuskina I. O., Gurbanov A. G., Belakovsky D. I., Borisovsky S. E., Kartashev P. M., Ivanova A. G., Yakubovich O. V.
Magnesioneptunite KNa2Li(Mg,Fe)2Ti2Si8O24-a new mineral of the neptunite group
pages 57-66
Chukanov N. V., Rastsvetaeva R. K., Britvin S. N., Virus A. A., Belakovsky D. I., Pekov I. V.
Sch?llerite, Ba2Na(Mn,Ca)(Fe3+,Mg,Fe2+)2Ti2(SiO7)2(O,F)4, a new mineral from the Eifel volcanic region, Germany
pages 67-75
Minerals and mineral parageneses
Glushkova E. G., Nikiforova Z. S.
Internal structure of the placer gold of the middle Lena river basin (south-east of Siberian platform)
pages 76-83
Glazyrina N. V., Glazyrin E. A.
Cobaltite-pentlandite-pyrrhotite authigenic sulfidic mineralization of black-shale sediments
pages 83-90
Rogulina L. I., Molchanova G. B.
Noble metals and nickel-telluride mineralization of the Berezitovoye gold ore field (Upper Amur region)
pages 90-101
Kuznetsova L. G., Zolotarev A. A., Frank-Kamenetskaya O. V., Rozhdestvenskaya I. V., Bronzova Yu. M., Spratte J., Ertl A.
Chemical composition and the species attribution of tourmalines from the rare-metal pegmatite vein with scapolite (Sangilene highlands, Tuva)
pages 102-116
Mineralogical crystallography
Borisov S. V., Magarill S. A., Pervukhina N. V.
An experience of crystallographic analysis of natural mercury-bearing sulphosalts
pages 117-125
Stepenshchikov D. G.
Real form of the crystal in anisotropic media by example of the garnet rhombododecahedron
pages 125-129
Discussions. Criticism. Bibliography
Afanasiev V. P. About the Yu. L.
Orlovs diamond classification and its applicability
pages 130-143
From the rules for the paper arrangement
pages 144
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