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Year 2008 Part 137 Issue 4
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Article list
Buchko I. V.
Mineralogical and petrological peculiarities of ultramafic and mafic massif of Bryantinsky block (the southeastern framing of the North-Asian craton)
pages 1-19
Dubrovsky M. I., Rundkvist T. V.
Petrology of the Early Proterozoic platinum-bearing Fedorova tundras massif (Kola Peninsula)
pages 20-33
Sedova I. S., Glebovitsky V. A., Savatenkov V. M., Samorukova L. M.
Enderbites and granodiorites of the ultrametamorphism zone (the northern Ladoga region): geology, geochemistry and possible sources of the substance
pages 34-60
Minerals and mineral parageneses
Safina N. P., Maslennikov V. V.
Consequence of the mineral-forming process in clastogenic ores of Safyanovskoye copper massive sulfide ore deposit (the Middle Urals)
pages 61-75
Azimov P. Ya., Astaf’ev B. Yu., Voinova O. A.
Growth deformations of amphiboles in metabasites and metasomatites of the Kostamuksha greenstone structure (Western Karelia)
pages 75-93
Sapozhnikov A. N., Cherepanov D. I., Suvorova L. F., Feoktistova L. P.
About isomorphism in afghanite. Identification of the mineral
pages 93-101
Zaitsev A. N., Keller J., Spratt J., Jeffries T. E., Sharygin V. V.
Chemical composition of nyerereite and gregoryite from natrocarbonatites of Oldoinyo Lengai volcano, Tanzania
pages 101-111
Tibilov I. V.
About imatra stones in alluvium of Chukotka placer deposits
pages 112-117
Karyakina T. A., Morozov M. V.
Annual report on activities of the Russian Mineralogical Society in 2007
pages 118-136

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