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Zapiski RMO (Proceedings of the Russian Mineralogical Society)
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Year 2007 Part 136 Issue 5
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Article list
Kovalchuk N. S., Makeyev A. B.
Typomorphism and parasteresis of yushkinite (Pai-Hoi anticlinorium)
pages 1-21
Skublov G. T., Marin Yu. B., Skublov S. G., Tarasenko Yu. N.
About geochemical types of volkhovites and possible diamond-bearing capacity of areas of the Holocene fluidizites widespreading
pages 22-44
New minerals
Yudovskaya M. A., Trubkin N. V., Koporulina E. V., Belakovsky D. I., Mokhov A. V., Kuznetsova M. V., Golovanova T. I.
Abramovite, Pb2SnInBiS7-the new mineral from fumaroles of Kudryavy volcano (Kurily Islands)
pages 45-51
Britvin S. N., Chukanov N. V., Bekenova G. K., Yagovkina M. A., Antonov A. V., Bogdanova A. N., Krasnova N. I.
Karchevskyite [Mg18A19(OH)54][Sr2(CO3,PO4)9(H2O,H3O)11]-a new mineral in family of layered double hydroxides
pages 52-64
Reznitsky L. Z., Sklyarov E. V., Armbruster T., Galuskin E. V., Ushchapovskaya Z. F., Polekhovsky Yu. S., Karmanov N. S., Kashaev A. A., Barash I. G.
Batisivite, V8Ti6[Ba(Si2O)]O28-a new mineral species of the derbylite group
pages 65-75
Minerals and mineral parageneses
Sirotkin A. N., Khailov V. V., Nikitin D. V.
Mineralogy and genesis of ore occurrences in the Central Spitsbergen polymetallic zone (island West Spitsbergen)
pages 76-93
Lysiuk G. N.
Biomineral nanostructures of manganese oxides in ocean bottom ferromanganese nodules
pages 93-98
Timasheva M. A., Frank-Kamenetskaya O. V., Vlasov D. Yu.
Morphology of gypsum crystals and some features of their formation on surface of carbonate rock in urban environment
pages 98-104
Korinevsky V. G., Kotlyarov V. A., Korinevsky E. V.
Hedenbergite from unusual mineral association
pages 104-113
Discussions. Criticism. Bibliography
Yaroshevsky A. A., Bagdasarov Yu. A.
About principles of identification of the new mineral species and their nomenclature (some considerations about mineral names)
pages 114-124
Shcheka S. A.
About the book of L. K. Yakhontova and V. P. Zverena źMinerals of hypergenesis zone╗
pages 124-125
Kuznetsov S. K., Sokerina N. V.
Summaries of the All-Russian conference źDiamonds and precious metals of the Tyman-Urals region╗
pages 126-128
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