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Zapiski RMO (Proceedings of the Russian Mineralogical Society)
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Year 2004 Part 133 Issue 4
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Article list
Letnikov F. A., Savelieva V. B., Shilina E. V.
Processes of granitization in the supra-dome part of the Birkhinsky granite-gneiss dome
pages 1-9
Pribuvkin S. V., Votyakov S. L.
Amazonite-bearing pegmatites of Shartashsky massif (the Middle Urals): mineralogy, petrogenesis
pages 10-20
New minerals
Chaplygin I. V., Mozgova N. N., Bryzgalov I. A., Mokhov A. V.
Cadmoindite, CdIn2S4, a new mineral from Kudriavy volcano, Iturup isle, Kurily islands
pages 21-27
Burke E. A. J., Ferraris G.
A short information on new minerals and nomenclature proposals appro in 2003
pages 28-30
Leake B. E., Wooley A. R., Birch W. D., Burke E. A. J., Ferraris G., Grice J. D., Hawthorne F. C., Kisch H. J., Krivovichev V. G., Schumacher J. C., Stephenson N. C. N., Whittaker E. J. W.
Nomenclature of amphiboles: additions and revisions to the International Mineralogical association's amphibole nomenclature
pages 31-38
Minerals and mineral parageneses
Kuleshevich L. V., Tytyk V. M., Korotaeva N. N.
Mineralogy of ores and host rock alterations of the gold-polymetallic ore deposit Lobash-1 (Karelia)
pages 39-50
Bogolepov V. G., Volkov I. D.
Some prospecting signs for gold-ore deposits at the area of Voronezhsky crystalline massif (VCM)
pages 51-55
Izbekov E. D.
The native gold dendrites with unusual morphology
pages 56-57
Golovachev A. F.
On the "Barbot's eye"
pages 58-70
Investigation techiques for minerals, rocks and ores
Gulbin Yu. L.
On stereological techniques to convert the size of grains in aggregates
pages 71-91
Marginal questions in mineralogy
Yushkin N. P.
Mineral factors of the human health: concepts of medical mineralogy
pages 92-107
Discussions. Criticism. Bibliography
Askhabov A. M.
Cluster (kvataron) selforganization of substance on the nano-level and formation of crystalline and non-crystalline materials
pages 108-122
Glikin A. E.
Thermodynamics of mineral origin in aqua-salt media
pages 123-124
Statute of Russian Mineralogical Society
pages 125-128

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