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Zapiski RMO (Proceedings of the Russian Mineralogical Society)
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Year 2003 Part 132 Issue 5
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Article list
Demina T. V., Mikhailov M. A., Belozerova O. Yu.
Synthetic beryl group minerals: connection between symmetry, structural ordering, chemical composition and anatomy of their crystals
pages 1-21
New minerals
Chukanov N. V., Pekov I. V., Zadov A. E., Korovushkin V. V., Ekimenkova I. A., Rastsvetaeva R. K.
Ikranite (Na,H3O)15(Ca,Mn,REE)6Fe3+2Zr3(□,Zr)(□,Si)Si24O66(O,OH)6Cl·nH2 and raslakite Na15Ca3Fe3(Na,Zr)3Zr3(Si,Nb)(Si25O73)(OH,H2O)3(Cl,OH) - the new eudialyte-group minerals from Lovozero massif, Kola Peninsula
pages 22-33
Khomyakov A. P., Nechelyustov G. N., Rastsvetaeva R. K., Ma Zhesheng.
Diversilite-() Na2(Ba,K)6Ce2Fe2+Ti3[Si3O9]3[SiO3OH]3(OH,H2O)9, a new silicate with heterogeneous tetrahedral complexes from the Khibina alkaline massif, Kola Peninsula, Russia
pages 34-39
Khomyakov A. P., Dusmatov V. D., Ferraris G., Gula A., Ivaldi G., Nechelyustov G. N.
Zirsilite-() (Na,□)12(Ce,Na)3Ca6Mn3Zr3Nb(Si25O73)(OH)3(CO)3·2 and carbolcentbrooksite (Na,□)12(Na,Ce)3Ca6Mn3Zr3Nb(Si25O73)(OH)3(CO32 - two new eudialyte group minerals from Dara-i-Pioz alkaline massif, Tajikistan
pages 40-51
Grice J. D., Ferraris G.
New minerals approved in 2002, nomenclature modifications approved 1998-2002 by the Commission on new minerals and mineral names, the International Mineralogical Association
pages 52-58
Minerals and mineral parageneses
Nenasheva S. N.
Complex sulfides of germanium and their genetic inter-relations
pages 59-65
Melekestseva I. Yu., Zaykov V. V., Tesalina S. G.
Sulfoarsenides and arsenides of Co, Fe and Ni in ores of Ishkininskoye cobalt-copper massive sulfide deposit (the South Urals)
pages 66-77
Kukuy A. L., Matveeva O. P.
Optical properties and chemical composition of Iceland spar from its deposits of different types
pages 78-85
Demchuk I. G., Krupenin M. T., Sazonov V. N.
Mechanism of multistage sideritization in the Bakal ore field (the South Urals)
pages 86-92
Kostrovitsky S. I., Chernysheva E. A., Alymova N. V., Belozerova O. Yu.
The metasomatic olivine in kimberlites of Dyuken field (Anabar region)
pages 93-101
Tauson V. L., Sapozhnikov A. N.
On the nature of lazurite coloring
pages 102-106
Bulakh A. G., Zolotarev A. A.
Composition of augites in general, by series of rocks, and in Skaergaard intrusion
pages 107-117
Gavrilenko V. V.
International symposium "Bio-inert interactions: life and stone"
pages 118-120

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