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Year 2000 Part 129 Issue 2
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Article list
Cavrilenko V. V., Marin Yu. ., Panova E. G., Levsky L. K.
Mineralogic-geochcmical indices of large and super-large ore deposits associated with granitic magmatism
pages 1-9
Uljanov A. G., Putintseva E. V.
Deep-seated mineral association from kimberlites of Kaavi district, Central Finland
pages 10-28
Korobov A. D.
Problem of interdependence between zones in a vertical metasomatic column
pages 29-43
Yurgenson G. A., Abramov B. N.
Mineral composition of ferruginous sandstones and sources of clastic material for copper-bearing sediments of Udokanskaya series
pages 44-53
Minerals and mineral parageneses
Zhmodik S. M., Mironov A. G., Agafonov L V.
Au-Sn intermetallid in ophiolites of the Eastern Sayans
pages 54-57
Filimonov S. V.
Ferruginous gaspeite from weathered listvenites of Berezovskoye gold ore field
pages 57-58
Gubina T. A.
Variability in composition and morphology of sphalerite from polymetallic ore deposit of Novaya Zemlya
pages 59-64
Zolotarev A. A., Dzhuraev Z. ., Pekov I. V., Mikhailova K. V.
Jeremejevite from pegmatite veins of the Eastern Pamirs
pages 64-70
Shcheglova T. P., Skublov S. G., Drugova G. M., Bushmin S. A.
Peculiarities of chemical composition of staurolite from the highly aluminiferous rocks of Keivsky block
pages 71-80
Sorokhtina N. V., Voloshin A. V., Pakhomovsky Ya. A.
Hemimorphite from carbonatites of Kola peninsula
pages 80-85
Zadov A. E., Chukanov N. V., Organova N. I., Kuzmina V., Belakovsky D. I., Nechai V. G., Sokolovsky F. S., Kuznetsova O. Yu.
Comparative study of rosenhahnite from California and from the Urals. Improvement of the formula
pages 85-96
Experimental mineralogy
Demina T. V., Mikhailov M. A.
Magnesium and calcium in beryl
pages 97-109
Koltsov . ., Frank-Kamenetskaya O. V., Zorina M. L., Kaminskaya T. N., Vernigora N. Yu.
Complicated isomorphism in synthetic carbonate-apatites
pages 109-117
Discussions. Criticism. Bibliography
Badalov S. T.
Some scientific problems in geochemistry and mineralogy in XXI century
pages 118-123
Nurieva E. M., Bakhtin A. I., Denisov I. G., Galeev A. A.
Photoluminescence of natural gypsums at 77K
pages 123-127
Bulakh A. G., Zolotarev A. A.
The new "Fleisher's Glossary of mineral species" by J. Mandarino (on the problem of minerals formulae unification)
pages 128-130
Shumilova T. G., Yushkin N. P.
Research break-through into the world of diamond microcrystals (about the V. N. Kvasnitsa, N. N. Zinchuk, V. I. Koptel's book "Typomorphism of diamond microcrystals")
pages 130-132
Bulakh A. G.
Carbonatites of the Kolsky peninsula alkaline province-100 years of investigation
pages 133-135

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