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Zapiski RMO (Proceedings of the Russian Mineralogical Society)
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Year 1998 Part 127 Issue 6
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Article list
Vorontsov A. E., Amirzhanov A. A., Polozov A. G., Romanenko I. M.
Ultramafites from Angaro-Ilimsky group iron ore deposits and their formation type
pages 1-5
Motov A. P.
Metasomatic rocks of the Kola superdeep section
pages 6-19
New minerals
Kudryashova V. I., Smolyaninova V. N.
New minerals. LII
pages 20-35
Minerals and mineral parageneses
Spiridonov E. M., Gekimjants V. M., Kulikova I. M.
The new-metamorphogenic genetic type of calzirtite
pages 36-39
Vasiliev E. K., Evsjunin V. K.
About powder X-ray diagrams of the chalcophanite group minerals
pages 40-43
Grabezhev A. I., Pshenichny G. N., Buslaev F. P., Zhukhlistov A. P., Palgueva G. V.
White sodium micas of Gaiskoye massive sulphide ore deposit (the Southern Urals)
pages 43-54
Zagorsky V. Ye., Peretyazhko I. S., Sapozhnikov A. N.
Boron-rich micas and chlorites from miarolitic pegmatites
pages 55-68
Litsarev M. A., Organova N. I., Hranach P., Chukanov N. V., Kuzmina O. V., Kartashov P. M., Laputina I. P., Zadov A. E.
Hydroxylellestadite from the garnet-wollastonite skarns of Arimao-Norte (Cuba)
pages 68-75
Gavrilenko V. V., Kempe U., Gaidamako I. M.
Development of composition heterogeneities in minerals while their metasomatic growth and substitution (by example of wolframite scheelitization)
pages 75-78
Sorokhtina N. V., Voloshin A. V., Pakhomovsky Ya. A.
Belkovite from calcite-dolomitic carbonatites of the Sebljavr massif (Kola peninsula)
pages 79-84
Levitsky V. I., Pavlova L A.
Ruby-bearing mineralization in Sljudjansky complex of the south-western Baikal region
pages 84-88
Kuleshevich L., V., Furman V. N., Korotaeva N. N.
Rare antimony mineralization in Precambrian ore occurence Zolotye Porogy, Eastern Karelia
pages 89-98
Ripp G. S., Kanakin S. V., Shcherbakova M. N.
Phosphate mineralization in metamorphosed high-alumina rocks of Ichetuyskoye ore occurence (south-western Transbaikali)
pages 98-108
Aplonov V. S., Andreeva I. A., Grinberg G. P., Krivovichev V. G., Tolkachev M. D., Pavlov M. R.
Formation of otavite by substitution of organigenic limestone
pages 109-115
Kiryanova E. V., Krivovichev V. G., Glikin A. E.
Calcite habit at natural and experimental crystal formation
pages 116-123
Discussions. Criticism. Bibliography
Shmakin B. M.
Development of Mineralogy as considered in Connection with the Progress of Other Natural Sciences
pages 124-125
Popov V. A
Mineralogy of the Urals-1998
pages 126-127
Gulbin Yu. L
The IV-th conference on geological synergetics
pages 127-129
Anastasenko G. F., Krasnova N. I., Krivovichev V. G., Maleev M.
International Symposium "Mineralogical Museums"
pages 129-130
Contents of the part
Contents of the 127 (year 1998) of Proceedings of the Russian Mineralogical Society
pages 131-134
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