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Year 1997 Part 126 Issue 6
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Article list
Glazov A. I., Dolivo-Dobrovolsky V. V.
Varieties of the simple forms by the symmetry of faces
pages 1-10
Dubinina E. O., Lakshtanov L. Z.
Separation of the oxygen isotopes while the synthesis of quartz at hydrothermal conditions
pages 11-22
Minerals and mineral parageneses
Tolstykh N. D., Krivenko A. P., Pospeloya L. N.
Unusual compounds of Ir, Os and Ru with Se, Te and As from the fields of the Zolotaya river in the Western Sayan
pages 23-34
Pekov I. V., Ekimenkova I. A., Kononkova N. N.
Thorosteenstrupine from Lovozersky alkaline massif and the isomorphous row ,,steenstrupine-(Ce)-thorosteenstrupine"
pages 35-44
New minerals
Pautov L. A., Agakhanov A. A., Sokolova E. V., Kabalov Yu. K.
Turkestanite Th(Ca,Na)2(K1-xx)Si8O20·nH2O-a new mineral
pages 45-55
Kudrjashova V. L., Smolianinoya V. N.
New Minerals. LI
pages 55-76
Mandarino J. A., Crice J. D.
New minerals recently approved by the Comission on new minerals and mineral names of the International mineralogical association in 1996
pages 76-82
Nomenclature of amphiboles: Report of the subcommittee on amphiboles of the Commision on new minerals and mineral names of the International Mineralogical Association (CNMMN IMA)
pages 82-102
Investigation techiques for minerals, rocks and ores
Gulbin Yu. L., Evangulova E. B., Burlakov K. V.
Quantitative genetic analysis of the vein quartz structure by means of the fractal approach
pages 103-116
Bazay A. V., Ivanjuk G. Yu.
Comparative analysis of microstructural orientation of quartz and magnetite grains in the banded iron-formation of Kola peninsula
pages 116-124
Discussions. Criticism. Bibliography
Grigoriev D. P.
From experience of teaching mineralogy. XV
pages 125-128
Rudnik V. A., Gavrilenko V. V., Karjakina T. A.
Annual session of the Russian Mineralogical Society
pages 129-133
Contents of the part
Contents of the 126 (year 1997) of Proceedings of the Russian Mineralogical Society
pages 134-136

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