Russian Mineralogical Society
Zapiski RMO (Proceedings of the Russian Mineralogical Society)
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Year 1997 Part 126 Issue 1
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Article list
Zhabin A. G, Abramson G. Ya., Chekvaidze V. B.
The lithochemical aureole surrounding ores within ontogenesis of the ore deposit
pages 3-17
Popov V. A., Karpenko V. Yu.
About cocrystallization of minerals with the same composition
pages 18-23
Panova E. G.
Typomorphic peculiarities of minerals from mineralized zones of different scale in Akchatau ore field
pages 24-37
Minerals and mineral parageneses
Bushev A. G., Gablin V. A., Koplus V. A., Kvitko T. D., Solomonov V. I., Mikhailov S.G.
Luminescence spectra of fluorite from deposits of various types
pages 38-51
Nazarova A. S., Kupriyanova I.I., Shpanov E. P., Gablin V. A., Sidorenko G. A.
Holmquistite in skarns of Voznesenskoye deposit (Primorye)
pages 51-56
Tugolesov L. D., Tugolesova O. L.
Pyroxenes and nephelines in alkaline effusives of the Kusnetzky Alatau
pages 56-69
Seredkin M. V., Laputina I. P.
About rhythmically zonal molibdoscheelite from Gumbeiskoe deposit
pages 70-75
New minerals
Novgorodova M. I., Generalov M. E., Trubkin N. V.
The new TaC-NbC isomorphic row and niobocarbide - a new mineral from platinum placers of the Urals
pages 76-95
Yakovenchuk V. N., Menshikov Yu. P., Pakhomovsky Ya. A., Ivanyuk G. Yu.
Ancylite-(La) SrLa(CO3) 2·(OH) ·H2O - a new carbonate from hydrothermal vein at the Kukisvumchorr mountain (Khibiny massif) and its comparison with ancylite-(Ce)
pages 96-108
Investigation techiques for minerals, rocks and ores
Velikoslavinsky S. D.
Recognition of geotectonic setting by petrochemical parameters of basalts
pages 109-124
Omelyanenko B. I., Yudintsev S. V., Nikonov B. S.
Mineralogical aspects of the challenge to bury safely the high level radioactive waste (HLW)
pages 124-137
Krivovichev V. G.
Some aspects of statistical analysis of regularity in distribution of trace elements in minerals and rocks
pages 137-142
History of science
Lyakhovich V. V.
To the memory of P. L. Dravert - geologist and poet
pages 143-150
Grigorieva T. A.
To the history of the Mineralogical Society library
pages 150-154
Novgorodova M. I.
Mineralogical museums at the 3-d International workshop ..Mineralogy and Museums" (Budapesht, June 9-13, 1996)
pages 155-156
Sokolova E. V.
The Mineralogy at the 30-th International Geological Congress
pages 157-159

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