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Year 1995 Part 124 Issue 5
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Article list
Rudashevsky N. S., Knauf V. V., Krasnova N. I, Rudashevsky V. N.
The first description of gold and platinum group minerals in ores and carbonatites of alkaline-ultramafic complex (Kovdorsky massif, Russia)
pages 1-15
Malitch K. N.
Distribution of platinoids in ultramafites of the Gulinsky massif as an indicator of their origin
pages 16-30
Cavrilenko V. V., Olkhovaya E. A.
About changeability of chemical composition of the ore minerals within tin-polymetallic ore deposits of Komsomolsky district (the Far East)
pages 31-46
Sinai M. Yu., Shakhmuradian A. R.
An example of comparison between natural and artificial replacement products
pages 47-57
Bokiy G. B.
Classification of orthosilicates
pages 58-67
Minerals and mineral parageneses
Sakharova M. S., Rjakhovskaya S. K., Bernard V. V., Turchkova A. G.
Morphological evolution of native gold in the process of its crystallization
pages 68-76
Mozgova N.N., Borodaev Yu.S., Efimov A. V., Krasnov S. G., Stepanova T. V., Samovarov M. L.
Peculiarities of composition of the gray copper ore from hydrothermal occurences in the mild-ocean ridge
pages 77-84
New minerals
Amuzinsky V. A., Zhdanov Yu. Ya., Zayakina N. V., Leskova N. V.
Lenaite AgFeS2-a new mineral species
pages 85-91
Konev A.A., Vorobjev E. I., Sapozhnikov A. N., Piskunov L. F., Ushchapovskaya Z. F.
Odintsovite K2Na4Ca3Ti2Be4Si12O38-a new mineral from Murunsky massif
pages 92-96
Mandarino J. A.
New minerals approved by the CNMMN of IMA in 1994
pages 96-101
Investigation techiques for minerals, rocks and ores
Frank-Kamenetskaya O. V.
The use of X-ray structural analysis for refinement and detailing of mineral's chemical composition
pages 102-110
Kamentsev I. E., Sorokin N. D., Popov D. Yu., Ivanov M. A.
Appraisal of the rate of cooling down and the temperature starting process of Al-Si ordering for alkali feldspars in pegmatites of muscovite formation by their crystallochemical features
pages 111-119
History of science
Shcheglov A. D., Lir Yu. V.
Pavel Mikhailovitch Tatarinov (to his Centennial anniversary)
pages 120-123
Discussions. Criticism. Bibliography
Glikin A. E.
On the theory of formation of isomorphousely mixed crystals
pages 125-133
Brodskaya R. L., Zhdanov V. V.
Problems of structure and regulation of geological systems
pages 134-135

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