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Year 1995 Part 124 Issue 4
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Article list
Volina O. V., Barabanov V. F.
To the concern of tungsten existence forms in hydrothermal solutions
pages 1-11
Masaitis V. L., Shafranovsky G. I., Fedorova I. G.
The apographitic impact diamonds from astroblemes Ries and Popigai
pages 12-19
Popov V. S., Fromberg E. D., Sidorov P. A.
Multiplet magmatic series in the Zaisan folded system geological and petrological correlation
pages 20-42
Tikhomirov P. L
Magmatic indicators of tin-ore mineralisation in the volcano-tectonic structure
pages 43-51
Minerals and mineral parageneses
Koneva A. A., Suvorova L. F
Rare chromium and vanadium oxides in metamorphic rocks of Priol khonye (Lake Baikal area)
pages 52-61
Balabonin N. L., lvanyuk G. Yu.
On the nature of «bluish» magnetite from the banded iron-formation of Kola peninsula
pages 61-77
Experimental mineralogy
Yushdin N. P., Khlybov V. V.
Structural maturing of montmorillonite during dispersion hardening of the natural montmorillonite gel.
pages 78-84
Korytkova E. N., Piivovarova L. N., Grebenshchikov R. G., Khadzhy l. P.
K-Mg-richterite-asbestos: the first fabrication in laboratory conditions
pages 84-90
New minerals
Reznitsky L. Z., Skljarov E. V., Ushchiapovskaya Z. F.
Magnesiocoulsonite MgV2O4-a new mineral species from the spinel group
pages 91-98
Nickel E. H.
Definition of a mineral
pages 98-100
Grigoriev D. P.
To the Centennial anniversary of academician S. S. Smirnov
pages 101-104
Bogolepov V. G., Volostnykh G. T., Donskikh V. V., Nickolsky A. P., Rudnik V. A., Rundquist D. V.
To the Centennial anniversary of Nickolay Ivanovitch Nakovnik
pages 104-107
Discussions. Criticism. Bibliography
Grigoriev D. P.
From experience of mineralogy teaching. X
pages 108-110
Zhabin A. G., Malinko S. V.
Fixation fo monar-11 -year cycle of the solar activity-in mineral aggregates of Dalnegorsky boric skarn deposit (Far East of Russia, Primorye)
pages 111-115
Glikin A. E.
Crystallogenesis and the geological sciences: problem of interaction (by example of the metasomatism phenomenon)
pages 116-125
Dolivo-Dobrwohky V. V., Karjakina T. A.
Annual conference of Mineralogical Society of the Russian Academy of Sciences, 24-25 May 1995, St. Petersburg
pages 126-127

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