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Zapiski RMO (Proceedings of the Russian Mineralogical Society)
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Year 1994 Part 123 Issue 2
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Article list
Zhabin A. G,, Filatov E. I., Getmansky I. I., Abramson G. Ya.
Fourth generation of the prospecting models of mineral deposits
pages 1-14
Ivanov O. P., Boykov I. S., Sinyakov E. Ya.
Silexites of Hingan
pages 15-20
Balaganskaya E.G.
Breccias of the Kovdor phoskorite-carbonatite deposit and their geological meaning
pages 21-36
Brodskaya R. L., Marin Yu. B.
Paragenesis of mineral individuals and aggregate structure
pages 37-40
Minerals and mineral parageneses
Tolstykh N. D., Krivenko A. P.
On the composition of sulfides containing platinum group elements
pages 41-49
Kim S. Ch., Glazov A. I., Treivus E. B.
Photogoniometry of the rounded inclusions of regeneration on the pinacoid facets of synthetic quartz crystals
pages 49-56
Shcherbakova T. E.
Chromspinelides from kimberlites of the Soulh-Eastem Belomorye and their prospecting meaning
pages 56-65
Zinger T. F.
Morphogenetic evolution of zircons in Earlier Precambrian hypersthene diorites from the Pon'gom-Navolok massif (Northern Karelia)
pages 65-73
Osipenko A. B.
Alkaline amphibole from the lower-temperature metasomatites of the Karaginsky island ophiolite complex (Eastern Kamchatka)
pages 73-82
Sapozhnikov A. N., Medvedev A. Ya., Ivanov V. G., Tauson V. L., Matveeva L. N.
On the behavior of Baikal lazurite modulated structure under its high temperature annealing
pages 82-88
Katkova V. I., Rakin V. I.
Bacterial genesis of calcite
pages 88-93
Dudkin O. B., Krutikov V. F., Faizullin F. M., Shcherbakov V. D.
EPR and luminescence spectra of apatite from Khibiny deposits
pages 94-104
New minerals
Nickel E. H.
Suffixes standardizing for designation of polytypes
pages 105-106
Discussions. Criticism. Bibliography
Bogolepov V. G.
Classification of replacement products formed under various thermodynamic conditions
pages 107-124
Grigoriev D. P.
From experience of mineralogy teaching (IV)
pages 125-127

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