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Zapiski RMO (Proceedings of the Russian Mineralogical Society)
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Year 1993 Part 122 Issue 2
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Article list
Shmakin B. M.
Applied mineralogy, its goals-actual definition
pages 1-10
Popov V. S., Kremenetsky A. A., Lipchanskaya L. N., Udod N. I.
Petrology of the Eljurta granite massif (Northern Caucasus) according to the deep drilling data (composition of granites and its vertical variations)
pages 11-29
Beskin S. M., Bantzekin V. A.
On the question of «maternal» granite for the natrium-lithium pegmatites
pages 30-34
Syritzo L. F.
Geochemical aspects of the rare metal bearing granite massifs zonality
pages 35-55
Minerals and mineral parageneses
Kalinin A. A.
Silver mineralization within rocks and ores of Kola peninsula
pages 56-68
Lebedeva I. O., Nedosekova I. L.
About the aeschynitization of pyrochlore from carbonatites of Buldymsky massif (Vyshnevye mountains, the Urals)
pages 69-74
Borodina N. S., Fershtatter G. B„ Osipova T. A.
Kali-natrium feldspars generations within granitoids
pages 75-85
Marcille I. M., Organova N. I., Rozhdestvenskaya I.V.
Verification of the crystalline structure for sanidines
pages 85-89
Zolotarev A. A.
Gem scapolite from the Eastern Pamirs and some general constitutional features of scapolites
pages 90-102
Ponomareva N. I., Gordienko V. V., Butorina V. V.
Physical-chemical conditions of the lithium-ferrous micas formation within granite pegmatite
pages 102-106
Nickolayev I. L., Tzepin A. I., Gurbanov A. G., Rekharsky V. I., Andrianov V. I.
Mineral inclusions wilhin scheelite of the Kti-Teberda tungsten deposit (Northern Caucasus) as an indicator of the ore-forming hydrothermal metasomatlc process
pages 107-114
Klyghina I. A., Samsonova N. S., Zhabin A. G.
Picropharmacollte from Lukumsky realgar-orpiment deposit (Georgia, Central Caucasus)
pages 114-119
Korago A. A., Mineev D. A., Timofeev S. A., Tkatchuk V. N., Tzekhovolskaya D. I., Veroman V. Yu.
Composition of the coral-like urinary stone
pages 119-122
Experimental mineralogy
Koltsov A. B.
Modelling of the skarnoids formation process and the facial dividing of skarnoids
pages 123-134
History of science
Shafranovsky I. I., Frank-Kamenetsky V. A., Dubov P. L.
Rene-Just Hauy-a progenitor of the structural crystallography (for 250-th anniversary)
pages 135-137
Discussions. Criticism. Bibliography
Petrov T. G., Lyapitchev I. G., Suslov G. I., Knizel A. A.
Intergranular substance within the spinel lherzolite xenolith
pages 138-144

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