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Zapiski RMO (Proceedings of the Russian Mineralogical Society)
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Year 1993 Part 122 Issue 1
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Article list
Rundquist D. V., President of Society.
Opening Address
pages 3-6
Dolivo-Dobrovolsky V. V., Shalygina N. L.
VIII Congress dedicated lo 175 Anniversary of the All-Russian Mineraiogical Society
pages 6-11
Shafranovsky I. I.
60 years within Mineralogical Society
pages 12-15
Yushkin N. P.
The theory of symmetry: newer applications to mineralogy.
pages 16-25
Punin Yu. O., Ivanova T. I., Kotelnikova E. N., Franke V. D.
About co-crystallizaiion of admixture impurities under condition of two-dimensional isomorphism
pages 26-36
Babushkina M. S.
Kinetics of the long range ordering of cations within natural biotite
pages 37-47
Drugova G. M., Savelyeva T. E.
On the evolution of metamorphic processes in North—Western Belomorye
pages 48-67
Korobeynikov A. F., Pshenichkin A. Ya., Fomin Yu. A.
Mineralogical and isotope-geochemical zonality of a quartz-vein field within a Cambrian blackshale series of Kuznetsky Alatau
pages 68-80
Skridlaite G. V.
Geochcmical peculiarities of metasomatlc rocks from Varensky iron-ore zone in Southern Lithuania
pages 81-87
Minerals and mineral parageneses
Novgorodova M. I., Trubkin N. V., Akhmedov M. A., Satvaldiev M. Kh.
Inclusions of natrium fluoride and high-alkaline silicate glasses within a xenogene diamond from granitoids
pages 88-96
Polyakov I. V., Kalinkin M. M.
Diamonds and associated minerals in kimberlites and loose sediments of Tersky shore (Kola peninsula)
pages 96-101
Kurazhkovskaya V. S.
Crystallochemical peculiarities of beryl from greisen.
pages 102-103
Sapozhnikov A. N., Ivanov V. G., Leviisky V. I., Piskunova L. F.
Siructural-mineralogical peculiarities of lasurite from the South-Western Pamirs
pages 108-115
New minerals
Khomyakov A. P., Menshikov Ya. P., Rastsvetaeva R. K., Necheljustov G. N.
Ershovile Na4K3(Fe,Mn,Ti)2Si8O20(OH)4·4H2O-a new mineral
pages 116-120
Khomyakov A. P., Pavlov V. P., Rogachev D. L., Zalkind O. A., Martynova A. V.
Tiettaite (Na,K)17FeTiSi16O29(OH)30·2H2O-a new mineral
pages 121-125
Khomyakov A. P., Necheljustov G. N., Yamnova N. A., Pushcharovsky D. Yu.
Megacycllte Na8K Si9O18(OH)9·19H2O-a new mineral.
pages 125-128
Pautov L. A., Karpenko V. Yu., Sokolova Ye. V., Ignatenko K. I.
Tsaregorodtsevite N(CH3)4[Si2(Si0.5Al0.5)O6]2-a new mineral
pages 128-135
Experimental mineralogy
Rumjantsev V. N.
Influence of mineral-forming environment on the quartz crystallization / dissolving kinetics under hydrothermal conditions
pages 136-147
Discussions. Criticism. Bibliography
Grigoryev D. P.
From experience of mineralogy teaching
pages 148-153
Beskin S. M.
About cassiterito- and molibdenitophilic minerals from granitoid massifs and connected mineral deposits
pages 153-158
To the memory of Sergey AlexandrovichRudenko (1917—1992)
pages 159

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