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Zapiski RMO (Proceedings of the Russian Mineralogical Society)
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Year 1992 Part 121 Issue 1
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Article list
Gavrikova S. N., Nickolaev M. S., Sokolov S. Yu., Smoljar M. I.
Peculiarities of mesozoic granite magmatism in the southern part of Aldan shield (Mogocha province)
pages 3-21
Bljuman B. A.
Mineralogy and geochemistry of granitized rocks of the morensky polymetamorphic complex (South-East Tuva, Sanghilen)
pages 22-32
Serebritsky A. I., Pavlov V. P., Sergeev A. V., Beech O. V., Serebritsky I. A.
Petrochemical evolution of the rocks of Khibiny alkaline massif
pages 33-47
Melnikov M. I.
Mineral composition of iron-manganese nodules from the Clarion-Clipperton Fracture Zone (Pacific Ocean) and its relation with subjacent sediments
pages 48-55
Minerals and mineral parageneses
Voloshin A. V., Subbotin V. V., Yakoventchuk V. N., Pakhomovsky Ya. A., Menshikov Yu. P., Nadezhdina T. N., Pustcharovsky D. Yu.
New data on the ewaldite
pages 56-67
Kostrovitsky S. I., Garanin V. K.
Higly-chromous titanates within pyropes of the Aldanskya dike (Yakutia)
pages 67-72
Gromov A. V., Aurang Zeb.
On the mineralogy of pink topazes from Katlang deposi (Pakistan)
pages 72-79
Faiziev A. R., Koplus A. V.
Rare earths within the fluorite of different genesis
pages 79-88
New minerals
Kalinin V. V., Marsiy I. M., Dikov Yu. P., Troneva N. V., Trubkin N. V.
Namansilite NaMn3+Si2O6-a new silicate
pages 89-94
Menshikov Yu. P., Sokolova E. V., Yegorov-Tismenko Yu. K., Khomjakov A. P., Polezhaeva L. I.
Sitinakite Na2KTi4Si2O13(OH) ·4H2O-a new mineral
pages 94-99
Khomjakov A. P., Nadezhdina T. N., Rastzvetaeva R. K., Pobedimskaya E. A.
Hydroxycancrinite Na8[Al6Si6O24](OH)2·2H2O-a new mineral
pages 100-105
Khomjakov A. P., Necheljustov G. N-, Sokolova E, V., Dorokhova G. I.
QuadruphiteNa14CaMgTi4[Si2O7]2[P04]4O4F2 and polyphite Na17Ca3Mg(Ti,Mn)4[Si2O7]2[PO4]6O2F6-new minerals of the lomonosovite group
pages 105-112
Khomjakov A. P., Kurova T. A., Necheljustov G. N.
Manaksite NaKMnSi4O10-a new mineral
pages 112-115
History of science
Zhabin A. G.
Brilliant talent for mineralogy
pages 116-120
Dubov P. L., Zamorzaev A. M., Zvjagin B. B., Koptzik W. A., Palistrant A. F., Smetannikova O. G., Franc-Kamenetsky W. A., Shafranovsky I. I.
Anniversary E. S. Federov scientific session dedicated to the Centenary of Fedorov groups publication.
pages 121-126
Gamjanin G. N., Trunilina V. A.
The second meeting to problem Ore formation and its connection with magmatism
pages 126-128
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