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Zapiski RMO (Proceedings of the Russian Mineralogical Society)
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Year 1991 Part 120 Issue 2
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Article list
Yushkin N. P.
Estimation and the ways of enhancing the prestige of soviet mineralogical school
pages 1-6
Piidish E. I.
Geochemical features of metasomatites from Verkhne-Kairaktinsky deposit
pages 7-16
Ananiev S. A., Sazonov A. M., Ananieva T. A., Leontiev S. I.
Gold-content of poor in sulfides quartz veins and guide-features for component minerals
pages 17-24
Petrova L. S., Chistilin P. E.
On the behavionr of subzone of "distructed ores" ina series of zonal bedding-infiltrational uranium deposits
pages 25-35
Minerals and mineral parageneses
Plaksenko A. N., Slyunyaev A. A., Kasatov A. S., Muravitskaya G. N.
Sulfide minerals of ultramafic xenolites from nickel-beraing norites of Voronezh crystalline massif
pages 36-48
Abulgazina S. D., Kotelnicov P. E., Salkow S. A., Tasov W. M., Yarenskaya M. A., Yasnitskaya G. P.
Koutekite, a new data
pages 49-51
Vortsepnev V. V., Savva N. E., Zhulanov B. G., Pavlov G. F.
To the problem of origin conditions for juwelllery amethyst varieties
pages 52-60
Yaroshevsky A. A., Migdlsova L. P., Kononkova N. N.
On the chemical composition of chromspinelides and ilmenite in basaltic achondrite (eucrite) Pomozdino
pages 60-72
Kalachev V. N., Dorokhova G. I.
Comparative crystal morphology of spinel from forsterite skarn. varieties, the Kukhilal deposit (South-West Pamirs)
pages 73-77
Egorov K. N., Bogdanov G. V.
Monticellite in kimberlites from the Yakutia
pages 78-86
Varlakov A. S.
Six-layer orthoserpentine Unst-type-povlen-chrisotile-6Orc1
pages 87-96
History of science
Grigoriev D. P.
The forgotten papers on early history of Mineralogical Society
pages 97-102
Discussions. Criticism. Bibliography
Popov V. S.
Melt separation from solid substratum in magma generation process (review of foreign literature)
pages 103-114
Zvyagin B. B., Zhukhlistov A. P.
On structural status of six-layer serpentinite of Unst-type
pages 114-116
Sedletsky V. I., Khardikov A. E.
The V Session of North-Caucasian department of the Mineralogical Society of the U.S.S.R "Mineralogical and geochemical features of stratiform ore formation"
pages 117-118
Khisina N. R.
The second session of the Commission on isomorphism of VMO Akadamy of Sciences of the U.S.S.R., Tbilisi, May 14-20, 1990
pages 119-120

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