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Year 1989 Part 118 Issue 6
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Ryabchikov I. D., Orlova G. P., Trubkin N. V., Kalenchuk G. E.
Primary and quench minerals in the system peridotite-H2O-CO2, at 900°C and 20 kbar
pages 1-11
Sobolev A. O., Bykovskaya E. V.
The main features of volcanic glass contents in the southern part of Eastern Sikhote Alin volcanogenic bielt
pages 12-27
Shadenkov E., M., Orlova M. P., Borisov A.B.
Pyroxenites and shonkinites from Malomurunsky massif as an Intrusive analogues of lamproites
pages 28-37
Motov A. P., Rublev A. G.
Late Paleozoic sericitolites from Kokchetavsky massif (Northern Kazakhstan)
pages 38-43
Zakharov O. A.
A now type of sulfide copper-nickel mineralization in the rocks of gabbro-plagiogranite formation at the Eastern versant, South Urals
pages 44-55
Vasiliev B. S., Zakharov Yu. I., Fokin V. I.
Conditions of origin of orebearing quartz veins in PreCambrian black schist formations of Taimir
pages 56-64
Grodnitsky L. L., Krokhin A. I., Inina I. S.
Polymetamorphism of the Kola belamorides and the problem of pegmatite and ore genesis (Rikolatvinskoe pegmatite field)
pages 65-80
Minerals and mineral parageneses
Kalchev V. P., Penkov I. N., Kalinina T. A.
NQRspectrum 63Cu of klockmannite CuSe
pages 81-84
Vinogradova R. A., Kononov O. V., Borodaev Yu. S., Budko I. A., Bochek L. I.
Cannizzarite finding hi Tyrnyauz deposit (the Northern Caucasus
pages 84-88
Faiziev A. R.
Mineralogical and geochemical features of fluorite mineralization the Tadjikistan deposits
pages 89-94
Kupriyanova I. I., Milovidova N. D., Ryabtsev V. V., Shpanov P. P.
Centres of germanium and aluminium in quartz from rare metal deposits
pages 94-102
Goncharov G. N., Vinogradova L. G., Sakharov A. N.
Iron hydroxide aging in ocean iron manganese nodules
pages 103-106
Kukui A. L.
Crystal morphology of Island spar from Siberia platform (the results of statistical calculations)
pages 107-116
Jurgenson G. A., Savkewich S. S.
On the possibility of using the forms of garnet crystals of almandine-spessartine series by exploration the pegmatitic bodies
pages 117-119
Discussions. Criticism. Bibliography
Zhabin A. G.
Two ways of investigation the mineralogy
pages 120-123
Contents of the part
Contents of the part II8 (year 1989) of Memoirs of the All-Union Mineralogical Society
pages 124-127

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