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Zapiski RMO (Proceedings of the Russian Mineralogical Society)
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Year 1988 Part 117 Issue 1
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Article list
Lapo A. V.
From crystallography and mineralogy to the teaching on noosphere (to the 125-th birthanniversary of V. I. Vernadsky)
pages 3-5
Godovikov A. A.
The correlation between properties of elements and the arised compounds
pages 6-17
Krivovitehev V. G.
Mineral parageneses and analysis of mineral equilibria in rare-alkaline-metal metasomatites of pegmatite fields
pages 18-28
Rumyantsev V. N.
The role of hydrolysis in hydrothermal mineral deposition and the nature of retrograde solubility of minerals in water
pages 29-36
Romanova M. A.
On decompressing model of the origin of the fine grained granites in the Permian intrusions of the Central Kazakhstan
pages 37-43
Minerals and mineral parageneses
Ostrouinov M. N.
Some features of the mineralogy of Cuba
pages 44-48
Lebedeva L. I., Novoselova L. N.
To the mineralogy of Lower Paleozoic of Malaya Botuoba area (Siberian Platform)
pages 48-55
Plaksenko A. N., Kasatov A. S.
Typomorphism of chromespinellids from sulfide copper-nickel and nickel-cobalt ores of Voronezh crystalline massif
pages 56-70
Sokolov P. B., Gorskaya M. G., Kreiser Yu. L.
Zink-bearing tourmalines from rare-metal pegmatites
pages 70-74
Bazhenov A. G., Bazhenova L. F., Polyakov V. O.
Sadanagaite from alkaline complex of Ilmen mountains
pages 74-78
Bolokhontseva S. V., Baturin S. V., Ilmenev E. S., Panova M. A., Purusova S. P.
Zharchikhite, AlF(OH)2, a new mineral
pages 79-83
Kudryashova V. I., Rozhdeslvenskaya I. V.
New Minerals. XLI
pages 83-97
Investigation techiques for minerals, rocks and ores
Abdullin R. S., Kalchev V. P., Penkov I. N.
The NQR spectrum of 63Cu for low chalcocite, Cu2S
pages 99-103
Zilberstein A. H., Kamentsev I. E., Kaminskaya T. N., Shikhobalov L. S., Arsenieva T. A.
The infleuence of plastic compression on optical and mechanical properties of mica crystals
pages 103-112
Knauf V. V.
On application of X-Ray microanalyses for quantitative mineralogical analysis of rocks
pages 112-115
History of science
Grigoriev D. P.
From letters of V. I. Vernadsky
pages 116-122
Saranchina G. M.
Role of N. A. Eliseev in the development of petrography-petrology science (to the 90-th birth anniversary)
pages 122-124
Discussions. Criticism. Bibliography
Vorob'iev Yu. K.
On the problem of thermometry by the initial mineral inclusions
pages 125-132
Khisina N. R.
The first session of the Commission on isomorphism of the USSR Mineraiogical Society
pages 133-134
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