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Year 1975 Part 104 Issue 5
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Article list
From the Commission on New Minerals and Mineral Names
About order of confirmation and demands to the character of new minerals (Note from Comission on New Minerals and Mineral Names of All-Union Mineralogical Society AS USSR)
pages 521-525
Denisenko V. K.
Tungsten deposit classification for prediction
pages 526-538
Ginzburg I. V
Making more precise pyroxene classification by new data about pyroxene crystallochemistry
pages 539-546
Slusarev A. P., Mukanov K. M.
Investigation of unstabilization of silver minerals by roentgenospectral microanalysis
pages 547-558
Sidorenko G. A., Moroz I. Kh., Zhiltsova I. G.
To the crystallochemistry about silicates of uranyl
pages 559-567
New minerals
Evstigneeva T. L., Genkin A. D., KovaIenker V. A.
New bismuthide of palladium-sobolevskite-and nomenclature of minerals of system PdBi-PbTe-PdSb
pages 568-579
Dusmatov V. D., Semenov E. I., Khomiakov A. P., Bykova A. V., Dzhafarov N. Kh.
Baratovite-a new mineral
pages 580-582
Semenov E. I., Dusmatov V. D., Khomiakov A. P., Voronkov A. A., Kazakova M. E.
Darapiozite-a new mineral from milarite group
pages 583-585
Indolev L. N., Zhdanov Yu. Ya.
Aurostibite from gold-antimony deposites of Yakutia
pages 586-588
Kapustin Yu. L.
The first finding of spencite in the USSR
pages 589-594
Tarkhanova G. A., Sidorenko G. A., Moroz I. Kh.
The first finding the mineral of vicsite group in the USSR
pages 598-603
Yakovlevskaya T. A.
New minerals. XXX
pages 604-621
Soviet of All-Union Mineralogical Society
The contribution of P. M. Tatarinov in development of science about mineral deposits and metallogeny
pages 622-625
Short communications
Troshchenko V. N.
Transformations of ferrum content in biotite by granitization
pages 626-630
Amosov R. A., Chuvikina N. G., Novozhilov Yu. I., Gureev V. F.
Orientation cocrystallization native gold and pyrite
pages 630-634
Petrovsky V. A., Bobolovich G. N.
Influence of gas bubbles stream on crystall grouth
pages 635-637
Dolivo-Dobrovolsky V. V.
The annual scientific session of All-Union Mineralogical Society dedicated to the 90-th birthanniversary of academician A. N. Zavaritsky
pages 638-639
Bulakh A. G.
The annual meeting of Comission on New Minerals and Mineral Names on the results of 1974 year
pages 639-640
Novgorodova M. I.
The second session Moscow department of All-Union Mineralogical Society
pages 640-643
Soloviev S. P.
«Magmatizm and metallogeny of Armenian SSR»
pages 643-644
Soloviev S. P.
«Mineralogy and ore deposits»
pages 644-645

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