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Zapiski RMO (Proceedings of the Russian Mineralogical Society)
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Year 1975 Part 104 Issue 4
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Article list
Krivovichev V. G.
Phisical-chemical conditions of formation of some low-temperature hydrothermal deposits (on example of Belorechensk deposit)
pages 377-388
Sharkov E. V.
The experiment of the paragenetic analysis of basic and ultrabasic rocks of stratiform intrusions
pages 389-402
Vladykin N. V., Antipin V. S., Kovalenko V. I., Afonina G. G., Lapides I. L., Novikov V. M., Gormasheva G. S.
The chemical composition and genetic groups of tourmalines of Mongolia Mesozoic granitoids
pages 403-412
Eshkin V. Yu., Karyakina T. A., Bogdanova G. N.
The evolution and typomorphism of quartz crystals on a certain crystalbearing field of South Ural
pages 413-421
Faiziev A. R., Yurgenson G. A., Kozachenko A. A., Anoshkin V. N.
Thermoluminescence of fluorites of Central Tadjikistan
pages 422-430
Kharkiv A. D.
The crystalline inclusions in garnets and in some other minerals of kimberlites and their genetic significance
pages 431-440
Bagdasarov Yu. A.
The content of trace elements in magnetites of carbonatites and other rocks of alkaline massifs of North Siberia as one of the criterions of their genesis
pages 441-448
Short communications
Novgorodova M. I., Neronsky G. I.
On the distorted forms of gold crystals from the placers of Amur region
pages 449-452
Genter I. Ya., Kuznetsova N. V.
On the unit cell dimension and the composition of magnetite of effusive rocks
pages 452-455
Gurov E. P., Gurova E. P., Loginova L. G., Lavitskaya Yu. A.
Fluocerite from pegmatites and metasomatites of North-West part of the Ukraine shield
pages 455-458
Luzgin B. N.
The finding of arseniosiderite in Gorny Altai
pages 459-461
Bronevoi V. A., Furmakova L. N.
The formation conditions of alumogoethite in bauxites
pages 461-466
Edelshtain I. I., Zuzuk F. V.
The sorption of nickel by chlorites
pages 466-468
Muravev V. I.
The peculiarities of quartz regeneration in sandy rocks
pages 469-472
Kashkay Ch. M.
The role of complex ions in mineral formation of alunite type
pages 473-478
Anakhov V. V.
Fluorite of productive stage of ore formation on the Rudnoe deposit
pages 478-481
Otroshchenko V. D., Krikunova L. M.
The genetic peculiarities of mangan-tungsten mineralization in the North Tien-Shan
pages 481-485
Investigation techiques for minerals, rocks and ores
Glazov A. I.
On the photognomonic projections of crystals
pages 486-490
Myaz N. I., Simkiv Zh. A.
The methodical elaborations of analysis of aqueous extracts
pages 490-498
Zorina M. L., Sorokina N. A., Sheinina G. A.
On the possibility of definition of correlation of tetrahedral and octahedral aluminium in muscovites by their IB. absorption spectra
pages 498-502
Grigorieva T. N., Solotchina E. P., Zanin Yu. N.
The correlation of morphocrystalline peculiarities of crandallite with its internal structure (to the method of x-ray investigation of microblock structure)
pages 502-505
Kutsevol L. I.
The change of thin powder colour (streak) and phase transformations of manganic oxides with heating on air
pages 505-509
Alyabin V. V., Druzhinina I. A., Ivanova T. A., Ragusin R. M., Frez A. I.
The polarizing aggregate microscopes for reflected light
pages 510-512
Discussions. Criticism. Bibliography
Grigoriev D. P.
The natural objects of mineralogy: mineral individuals and mineral species
pages 513-514
Tarasenko V. S.
One successful book about the stone
pages 515-516
To the memory of Ekaterina E. Kostyleva-Labuntsova
pages 517-518
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