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Year 1974 Part 103 Issue 6
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Article list
Lihachev A. P.
About redeposition of sulphide copper-nickel ores in hydrothermal conditions
pages 655-669
Helvas I. G., Grushkin G. G.
About zonal deposition of minerals on the tin ore deposition, of Hyngan
pages 670-681
Bagdasarov E. A., Orlova M. P., Kozyrev V. I.
Rare and dispersed elements of alkaline gabbroids and basaltoids of the North Tien Shan
pages 682-694
Soloviev S. P.
Dynamics of petrochemical cycles
pages 695-710
Short communications
Dolomanova E. I., Vlasova E. V.
Distribution of carbon dioxide in quartz of tin ore depositions of Transbaikal (by data of IR spectroscopy)
pages 711-714
Petrova L. V., Domnina L. I.
About hardness of magnetite from the depositions of different genesis
pages 714-716
Goncharov Yu. I., Balitsky V. S., Hadji I. P., Popova N. P.
About substitution of phlogopite by amphibole asbestos of eckermannite-arfvedsonite series in alkaline hydrothermal solutions
pages 716-718
Belova L. N., Fedorov O. V.
New data on velsendorphite
pages 718-719
Investigation techiques for minerals, rocks and ores
Meisner L. B., Dobrjanskaya L. G., Kuzmin V. I.
Determination of quartz content in polymineral test on the ground of generations of the Second harmonic of lazer radiation
pages 720-725
Feklichev V. G.
Measurements by universal theodoliteimmersion method with registration of difference in dispersion between tested and standard crystals
pages 725-733
Shumskaya N. I., Aleksandrova N. P., Kuznetsova N. V.
Determination of the polytype modifications of molybdenite by spectrum reflection curve
pages 733-734
Discussions. Criticism. Bibliography
Bokii G. B.
The conception of mineral species
pages 735-739
To the memory of E. M. Bonshtedt-Kupletskaya
pages 740-741
Dolivo-Dobrovolsky V. V.
Account on the work of the All-Union Mineralogical Society for the 1973 year
pages 742-759
Samusina S. N.
The Fedorov scientific session 1974
pages 759-763
Grigoriev D. P.
The meeting of International Mineralogikal Association in West Berlin and Regensburg (FRG) and excursions on pegmatites and meteoritic crater Ries in Bavaria
pages 763-767
Contents of the part
Contents of the 103-st part (1974) of the «Memoires of the All-Union Mineralogical Society
pages 768-772

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