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Zapiski RMO (Proceedings of the Russian Mineralogical Society)
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Year 1969 Part 98 Issue 4
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Article list
Paffenhollz K. N., Soloviev S. P.
Alexander P. Gerasimov (To the 100-th anniversary)
pages 377-385
Panov E. N.
On the crystal form variation of the accessory zircon in igneous rocks (on the example of granits from Sretensk, East Transbaikal)
pages 386-394
Bagdasarov Yu. A.
The distribution of rare-metal mineralization in carbonatites
pages 395-406
Turovzev D. M.
Brucite bearing rocks in the contact aureola of the Talnakh intrusion (Norilsk region)
pages 407-414
Sarsadskikh N. N., Bogulkina V. A.
Petrographic and petrogenetic distinctions of kimberlites from rocks alike them by some features
pages 415-421
Ryzk Yu. E.
On causes determining the micaceous pegmatites
pages 422-431
Utekhin G. M., Belous I. P.
Once again on the zonal development of the antimony-mercuric mineralization
pages 432-441
Rudenko N. I., Melnikov B. V., Lazarenkov V. G.
On the composition, structure of mineral veins in ores of the Sokolovsky deposit
pages 442-451
Shadlun T. N., Ontoev D. O., Basova G. V., Vjalsov L. N., Muravjeva I. V.
Copper and silver sulfobismuthite from the Djidinsky deposit
pages 452-463
History of science
Bock I. I., Mitrjaeva N. M.
The role of K. I. Satpaiev in the development if mineralogical investigations of Kazakstan (to the 70-th anniversary)
pages 464-467
Short communications
Steinberg D. S., Chashchukhin I. S.
On the distribution of iron between the coexistent minerals in seprentinites of the Polevsky region, Middle Urals
pages 468-471
Dobrezov G. L., Aliavdina I. N., Dobrezova T. G.
Kaersutite in the kamptonites of South Djungarea
pages 471-475
Kovban V. I.
To the mineralogical characteristic of secondary quartzites of the West-Karaganda region (Central Kazakstan)
pages 475-480
Kasarjan A. G., Shaghinjan P. G.
Some peculiarities of pseudointersections on the example of ores from the Kafan deposit
pages 480-484
Samusina S. N.
Sculpture of Iceland spar crystal faces from East-Siberian deposits
pages 485-492
Samoilovitch M. I., Lushnikov V. G.
On the nature of yellow coloring of calcite
pages 492-495
Letnikov F. A., Uskapovskaya Z. F.
On the elementary quartz cell parameter variation of rocks of the Kockchetavsk block depending from their origin
pages 495-498
Goldburt T. L.
Jewelry chrysolite from the Kugda intrusion
pages 498-502
Discussions. Criticism. Bibliography
Commission on new minerals
From the Commission on new minerals of the All-Union Mineralogical Society
pages 503-504
Yarosh P. J. Yurin Yu. F.
On the paper by R. O. Radkevich. To the problem of the origin of ring-shaped structures in sphalerites
pages 505-506
Galiev M. S.
The All-Union symposium on the investigation and use of clays, clay minerals
pages 507-508
Sirizo L. F.
The Second All-Union Conference on mineralogy, geochemistry, genesis and the possibility to utilize the tungsten deposits of USSR
pages 508-513

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