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The International Mineralogical Association (IMA)

The Russian Mineralogical Society is a member and one of the establishers (Madrid, 8th April, 1958) of the International Mineralogical Association, which includes scientific societies and associations working in the field of mineralogy from 37 countries (see history). IMA activities are given in the conferences list.
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National Representative of Russia in IMA: Prof. Sergey Krivovichev


IMA Council:

Prof. Sergey Krivovichev (Saint Petersburg) IMA Council member.

IMA Commissions:

on Applied Mineralogy (CAM)  Dr. Olga Kotova (Syktyvkar).
on Gem Materials (CGM)  Dr. Tatiana Posukhova (Moscow).
on Mineral Growth and Interface Processes (CMGIP) Prof. Arkady Glikin (Saint Petersburg), Prof. Sergey Krivovichev (Saint Petersburg) as the Corresponding IMA member.
on Museums (CM) Dmitriy Belakovskiy (Moscow).
on New Minerals, Nomenclature and Classification (CNMNC)  Prof. Vladimir Krivovichev (Saint Petersburg).
on Ore Mineralogy (COM) Dr. Olga Plotinskaya (Moscow).
on Physics of Minerals (CPM) no representative.

Working Groups:

on Astromineralogy (WGA)  no representative.
on Environmental Mineralogy (WGEM) no representative.
on Inclusions in Minerals (WGIM) Dr. Sergey Smirnov (Novosibirsk), secretary.
on Mineral Equilibria (WGME) Dr. Oleg Safonov, secretary (Moscow), Prof. Nikolay Akinfiev (Moscow).
on Organic Minerals (WGOM) Prof. Elena Kotelnikova (Saint Petersburg), Prof. Nikolai Yushkin (Syktyvkar).


Medal Committee Dr. Igor Pekov (Moscow).
Outreach Committee  no representative
(Subcommittees: on IMA Achives and History, on IMA Databases on Mineralogical Properties, on Optic Instruments, on IMA Website Development).


Dr. Dmitry Petrov (Saint Petersburg)





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