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Abstract Submission for conferences

The rules of the abstract submission are given in the section «Conference Participation Help». Below the description of the main steps of the abstract submission procedure is given.

Main steps for the participation on a conference, managed on the website MINSOC.RU

sign up / sign in the site (obtaining your login and password) - follow the link "registration"...

submit the Conference Application form - see details... + context help...
Please note, that it is not obligatory to send the Abstract Submission form at the same time when you are submitting the Conference Application form (you can submit/edit your abstract(s) later). You can also modify your Conference Application form until the starting day of the conference. After submitting the Conference Application form your name will be showed in the list of participants and conference title will be showed in your personal menu, the section «My conferences and abstracts» (top-right side of the webpage, active after signing in the site).

submit the Abstract Submission form (or several forms for different abstracts) - see details...  + context help...
You can fill the Abstract Submission form immediately after submitting your Conference Application form. Please note, that it is not obligatory to upload the abstract file when filling the Abstract Submission form. You can upload this file later and also edit the form / replace the abstract file until the abstract submission deadline announced by the Organizing Committee of the conference. After submitting the Abstract Submission form the title of the corresponding abstract will be showed in your personal menu, the section «My conferences and abstracts» (active after signing in the site). You can edit the form and upload/replace the abstract file after clicking the abstract title.
Attention! If you are co-author of some other presentation of the conference, the Scientific Secretary of the conference can give you access for modification of the corresponding Abstract Submission form after your request. After granting the access to this Abstract Submission form the title of the abstract will be also showed in the section «My conferences and abstracts» of your personal menu.

upload the abstract file - see details... + context help...
You upload the abstract file using the corresponding field in the Abstract Submission form (you can first submit the form and later upload the abstract file before the abstract submission deadline of the conference). After the upload, you can view the submitted abstract file using the Abstract Submission form, and also you can replace the abstract file before the abstract submission deadline of the conference.

wait for the acceptance notification from the Organizing Committee
You will be notified by email about the acceptance of your abstract.

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