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The materials published on the website of the Russian Mineralogical Society are currently accessible for any unregistered users. In case you need submit some information on the site (news, conference announcements, new published books, interesting links) of participate a conferences managed on the, you need to register on the site (i.e., sign up). After registration you get your personal login and password and can sign in the site (use the login field on the top-right side of the page).

The registration on the website  is free of any charge and open for all users irrespective of their relation to the Russian Mineralogical Society.

After signing in the site you can manage your personal information (the personal menu is located on the top-right side of the page and is active after signing in the site) and get access to the minsoc databases news and events, conferences, books, links and also to the guestbook if you wish to submit some information.

After registration you can also subscribe to three different distribution lists (news and events / conference announcements, new books, journal "Zapiski RMO" contents).

To search the information on the 'normal' (static) webpages you can use the filed «Search» (top-right side of the page under the quartz crystals image). Please note, that you need a distinct search page of a corresponding database to search its contents, such as the journal «Proceedings of the Russian Mineralogical Society», «News and events» etc.

To find search results with all the given words use the plus sign (+), e.g. "fluorite + beryl". Please note, that the search is carried out on the Russian and English sides of the website independently. Please switch the language if you need to search the words on the distinct language-specific part of the website/database.

To use the website you need a conventional browser such as MS Internet Explorer version 5 or higher, Netscape Browser version 5 or higher, Opera  version 8 or higher or another compatible browser. For viewing some information such as fulltext e-versions of printed abstracts or books, you need Adobe Reader installed on your system.


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