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Conferences & Meetings GEOLOGY, MAGMATISM AND METALLOGENY OF THE CENTER OF ASIA. 2018: Ore-magmatic systems of the Sangilen (alkaline intrusions, carbonatites)
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GEOLOGY, MAGMATISM AND METALLOGENY OF THE CENTER OF ASIA. 2018: Ore-magmatic systems of the Sangilen (alkaline intrusions, carbonatites)
Official website: http://www.tikopr.sbras.ru/
Contact e-mail: tuva_polemail.ru, amongushinbox.ru
Venue: Kyzyl, Republik of Tyva, Russia
Dates:  14-30.07.2018
About conference

We invite you to the 1st Russian field conference with international participation \"Geology, magmatism and metallogeny of the Center of Asia. 2018: Ore-magmatic systems of the Sangilen (alkaline intrusions, carbonatites) which will be held on July 14-30, 2018. CONFERENCE TOPICS It is planned to discuss the most topical issues of geochemistry, mineralogy and ore-bearing magmatism at the conference. Conference topics will be formed according to the participants\' questionnaires (Information form). Presentations of scientific reports on conference topics will be held in a field camp which will change its position from one excursion object to another. Conference participants can see ore-bearing carbonatites of the Central Tuva, spodumene pegmatites and massifs of alkaline intrusive rocks and carbonatites within the Sangilen block of the Tuva-Mongolian microcontinent (South-Eastern Tuva). EXAMPLE SCHEDULE OF THE FIELD CONFERENCE: July 14 – registration of conference participants, TuvIENR SB RAS, Kyzyl. July 15 – field conference is planned to begin with a one-day trip to the Kara-Sug carbonatite Fe-F-Ba-U-REE deposit located 160 km west of Kyzyl. July 16 – departure from Kyzyl to the Sangilen visiting interesting geological objects of the Western Sangilen with overnight on the Naryn river. July 18-27 – field conference in the Central Sangilen (the Balyktyg-Khem river head, the Kargy river head). July 28 – return to Kyzyl, TuvIENR SB RAS. July 29 – results discussion of field conference in TuvIENR SB RAS and an sights in Kyzyl, in the Center of Asia – the capital of Tuva Republic of the Russian Federation. July 30 – departure of field conference participants. The duration of the tour on Sangilen and, consequently, the whole conference may be reduced based on the adjusted budget of the conference.

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Registration Deadline:  01/03/2018
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