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AAPG Annual Convention & Exhibition (ACE 2017)
Official website: http://ace.aapg.org/2017
Venue: Houston, Texas, USA
Dates:  01-04.04.2017
About conference

Themes Theme 1: Siliciclastics Theme Description — This theme will showcase the latest concepts and research in siliciclastic deposition, stratigraphy and reservoir characterization. Featured will be the latest technologies and integrative workflows that are adding value in exploration and development. Sub-Themes Advances in Seismic Stratigraphy and Geomorphology Integrated Source to Sink Sedimentary Systems and Basin Scale Stratigraphy Innovative Techniques and Workflows for Characterizing Sedimentary Systems Continental to Shallow Marine Depositional Systems and Sediments Applied Sedimentological Models and Experiments Clastic Diagenesis, Reservoir Quality, and Geochemistry Impact of Structure on Sedimentary Systems and Reservoir Properties Challenging Basins — Mixed Systems, Seismically-Challenged, etc. New Insights From the Sediments of Mexico and Eastern North America Theme 2: Carbonates and Evaporites Theme Description — This theme will highlight the latest thinking on carbonate and evaporate depositional systems and diagenetic patterns as well as describe the critical pore networks associated. Application to major oil and gas reservoirs will be stressed. Sub-Themes Depositional Models for Carbonate and Evaporite Systems Carbonate Diagenesis and Paleohydrologic Modeling Pore Networks: From Nano-Scale to Touching Vug & Fracture Systems Carbonate-Evaporite Stratigraphy — Sub-Milankovitch to High-Resolution Scale Giant Carbonate Reservoirs and Their Basins Honoring Lloyd Pray Carbonate Stratigraphic Traps Theme 3: Geochemistry, Basin Modeling and Petroleum Systems Theme Description — Geochemistry and basin modeling provide the means to describe the petroleum system along the value chain via the integrated study of hydrocarbon charge through geological time and calibration to present day fluid observations. Methods available in this technical space allow improved understanding of conventional and unconventional plays. Sub-Themes Basin Modeling and Geochemistry Along the Value Chain Risk Quantification Through Petroleum System Analysis New Technologies and Workflows in Geochemistry and Basin Modeling Hydrocarbon Charge Assessments of Unconventional Settings Theme 4: Structure, Tectonics and Geomechanics Theme Description — This theme invites abstract submissions covering all aspects of the discipline. We are particularly interested in presentations showcasing the exceptional and direct business value of structural geology and geomechanics, in terms of increased reserves, increased production, and reduced costs and risk. We welcome case studies on lessons learned from failures, and problem mitigation. We also seek presentations highlighting new techniques or data sets that illuminate structure. Sub-Themes Salt Basins: Structure, Tectonics and Stratigraphy Structure and Tectonics Geomechanics Structural Analysis in Fractured and Unconventional Reservoirs Business Impact of Structural Geology Reservoir Stratigraphy, Architecture and Trapping Configuration Theme 5: Deepwater Theme Description — This theme will present the current trends on depositional concepts, stratigraphy, reservoir characterization, modelling, and play development associated with deepwater geological units. Contributions that emphasize process oriented sedimentology and stratigraphy, as well as innovative business relevant case studies are of particular interest to this theme. Sub-Themes Deepwater Deposits: From Classic Models to Paradigm Shifts Mixed Carbonate-Siliciclastic Systems Contributions From Numerical and Physical Models in the Deepwater World Deepwater Sequence/Seismic Stratigraphy and Geomorphology New Trends in Deepwater E&P: From Reservoir to Play Scale Salt Basins: Structure, Tectonics and Stratigraphy Theme 6: Unconventional Resources Theme Description — Unconventional resources have dominated growth in production over the past several years and have radically changed global oil markets. Geoscientific understanding of these plays has also grown exponentially over the past several years. The first three subthemes in this category divide the plays into geographic areas as well as the maturity of the plays. The final subtheme for unconventionals addresses the technological advancements that are applicable to all plays. Sub-Themes Emerging Plays in North America International Unconventional Plays Established Unconventional Plays Advances in Unconventionals Theme 7: Energy and Environment Theme Description — This theme will provide an opportunity to showcase an array of issues that concern impacts and resolutions of energy on our environment. Topics for this theme will address best practices in the energy sector to meet growing regulatory pressures, global demands, public perceptions, and current environmental challenges and solutions. Sub-Themes Demand Trends on Oil, Gas, Coal and Global Regions Induced Seismicity, Hydro Fracturing and Other Oil Recovery Best Practices Environmental Best Practices: Hydrogeology, Geophysics and Forensics Reclamation and Greenhouse Gas Sequestration Techniques and Best Practices Coastal and Oceanic Environmental Challenges (Deepwater Gulf of Mexico) Theme 8: Emerging Frontiers and New Technology Theme Description — This theme will showcase recent exploration results in emerging frontiers, new insights of petroleum systems, as well as innovations and new technologies used to hunt resources and manage risks, and workflows and strategies to narrow temporal and spatial gaps between potential resources and reserves. Sub-Themes Emerging Frontiers in the East Hemisphere: Arctic Russia to the Far East Emerging Frontiers in the West Hemisphere: Alaska to Falkland Islands Geosciences for Environmental Management and Protection Seep Hunters: Validating Charge in Wildcat Settings for Better Resulting Convergence of Exploration With Development and Enhanced Recovery Theme 9: Geophysics — Integration of the Technology across the Business Theme Description — This theme covers the broad spectrum of innovative theory development, advanced geophysical techniques, geoscience integration workflows, and case studies for risk and cost management. Thus, integration of advanced geophysical techniques and different aspects in geosciences plays a key role in reducing risk and costs in these challenging economic times. Sub-Themes Integration of Geophysics With Geology: Theory, Workflow and Case Studies Deepwater, Subsalt, Sub-Basalt Exploration: Challenges and Case Studies Reservoir Characterization in Clastics, Carbonates and Unconventionals 4D Seismic and Practical Microseismic Technologies Non-Seismic Methods: Remote Sensing, EM, Gravity and Joint Inversion Seismic Stratigraphy: Chronostratigraphy, New Techniques and Case Studies Rock Physics and Borehole Geophysics Environmental Challenges and Protection Theme 10: International Regions Highlights Theme Description — This theme will consist solely of invited papers, which will address developing exploration and production opportunities and trends, as well as technological advances in all of AAPG’s International Regions. Sub-Themes Africa Asia Pacific Canada Europe Latin America and Caribbean Middle East Theme 11: Future of Energy Exploration Theme Description — Industry is again in a downturn with reduced exploration budgets and staffing levels. This theme will look at medium-to long-term forecasting from two perspectives. Subtheme 1 will focus on post-appraisal of previous forecasts and will attempt to establish a realistic level of confidence in our ability to forecast the future. Subtheme 2 seeks to generate discussion that will establish coherent views of the near to medium future. Abstracts from a diverse cross-section of the industry are desired, not only from geoscientists, but also from our colleagues in, for example, the commercial, economic and human relations functions. Sub-Themes Look-Back on Previous Predictions: What Worked & What Didn’t The Future of Exploration: External Drivers, Technical Trends and Estimates New Discoveries in the Solar System: Implications for Energy and Mineral Resources Theme 12: SEPM/AAPG Research Symposium – How Seismic and Sequence Stratigraphy Have Advanced: 40 Years after AAPG Memoir 26 and Nearly 30 Years after SEPM Special Publication 42 Theme Description — Since the publication of Memoir 26 and Special Publication 42, there have been many other publications trying to apply, explain, and refine the original idea of seismic and sequence stratigraphy, including a few heated debates on terminology and the proper application of the concept. This special symposium will look at both the history of seismic and sequence stratigraphy concepts and the current state of the art from both academic and applied industry viewpoints. Sub-Themes History of Seismic Sequence Stratigraphy Methodologies Theories Applications Special Session: History of Petroleum Geology Theme Description — This theme will showcase the evolution of major technical breakthroughs in petroleum exploration since the founding of the AAPG over the last 100 years, and how people of the AAPG and sister petroleum exploration societies around the world have affected the evolution of these breakthroughs.

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