Russian Mineralogical Society
6th Orogenic Lherzolite Conference
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Venue: Marrakech, Morocco
Dates:  03.05.2014
About conference

The general objective of the International Orogenic Lherzolite Conferences is to assemble specialists on mantle processes to share new findings (often resulting from recent PhD theses) that are discussed in a group setting, both on key outcrops and in room sessions. For this 6th Lherzolite conference, we invite contributions in a large range of topics related to the physico-chemical evolution of the mantle including melting processes, melt transport, crustal recycling, significance of mafic lithologies in orogenic peridotites, metasomatism, lithosphere evolution through rejuvenation/refertilization, supra-subduction fluid/melt processes, feedbacks between deformation and melt segregation/migration, field and experimental studies on mantle rocks deformation, geophysical imaging of mantle structures and flow, etc… This conference will also welcome contributions on the mantle dynamics associated with the convergence between the African and European plates in the Western Mediterranean, including geophysics, petrology and geochemistry of mantle rocks and volcanism, and modelling.

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