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Conferences & Meetings Fourth International Conference on Accelerated Carbonation for Environmental and Materials Engineering
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Fourth International Conference on Accelerated Carbonation for Environmental and Materials Engineering
Official website: http://cit.kuleuven.be/aceme13/
Venue: Leuven, Belgium
Dates:  09-11.04.2012
About conference

Principal themes 1. Focus theme: Processes Principles and kinetics of (accelerated) carbonation Chemical reactions involved; carbonation pathways; mineralogical transformations; thermodynamic aspects; evaluation of carbonation stages and reaction rates; kinetic modeling of carbonation reaction. Advanced analysis of mineral carbonation On-line, in-line and off-line follow-up of the mineral carbonation process; quantification of carbonation products; microstructural identification and speciation of products from mineral carbonation. Pilot- and full-scale applications for accelerated carbonation Advantages and disadvantages of different technological alternatives (fluidized bed reactors, rotary kilns, fixed-bed reactors, etc.); theoretical and practical evaluation of scale-up. 2. Focus theme: Materials Accelerated carbonation of pure virgin and synthetic materials Studies on the use of naturally occurring materials such as olivine, serpentine, wollastonite and lime. Formulation of synthetically produced materials with the aim of improving mineral carbonation. Accelerated carbonation of alkaline wastes, soils and sediments Identification of potential sources of alkaline wastes suitable for carbonation; evaluation of carbonation potential of alkaline residues; thermodynamic and kinetic studies of the carbonation reactions involved. Accelerated carbonation of hydraulic binders Studies of the hydration behaviour of hydraulic binders in the presence of high CO2 pressures; evaluation of the hydration products in carbonated cement-based forms; applications of carbonated cementitious materials. 3. Focus theme: Applications CO2 capture and/or storage Studies on the use of pure solid sorbents for CO2 capture and sorbent regeneration; carbonation of different mineral forms with the aim of CO2 sequestration; evaluation of CO2 storage capacity; stability of carbonated forms; technical and economical comparison with other CCS options. Improvement of product properties Evaluation of the effects of accelerated carbonation on the physical, mechanical, chemical and leaching properties of carbonated (waste) materials; economical assessment of cost-benefits. Towards high-value products Studies on the production of innovative construction materials by mineral carbonation; separation of pure end-products such as PCC and silica; economical assessment of cost-benefits.

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