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Ragozin A.L.

200th Anniversary Meeting of the Russian Mineralogical Society
Mineralogy and geochemistry of iron meteorite Uakit (IIAB), Buryatia
RMS DPI 2017-1-281-0
The formation features of mosaic-block diamonds from Siberian Platform
RMS DPI 2017-1-60-0
Evolution of morphology of diamonds from Nyurbinskaya kimberlite pipe (Siberian platform)
RMS DPI 2017-1-37-0
Fedorov Session 2008
Свидетельства эволюции состава среды образования природных алмазов
RMS DPI 2008-2-16-0
2nd International Conference "Crystallogenesis and Mineralogy"
Zonal-sectorial structure of diamond crystals from Udachnaya and Internacionalnaya kimberlite pipes (Yakutia)
RMS DPI 2007-1-153-0
Mineralogy of diamonds from placers of Northern-Eastern Siberian platform
RMS DPI 2007-1-146-0
The compositional features of diamond growth medium: from study of microinclusions in natural diamonds
RMS DPI 2007-1-124-0
Diamond formation in eclogite paragenesis
RMS DPI 2007-1-163-0
The diamond forming medium specific character in calc-silicate rocks and gneisses from Kumdy-Kol deposit resulted from FTIR studying of microdiamonds, Northern Kazakhstan
RMS DPI 2007-1-151-0

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